What are ground control camber plates?

The Ground Control camber/caster plate uses one articulating bearing to locate the strut shaft only, and a completely seperate bearing to support the weight of the car around the central bearing, and having no contact or influence on the rating of the central bearing.

What is the purpose of camber plates?

What is a camber plate? Camber plates are basically an adjustable adapter for your shocks. They install usually on top of the strut and allow for fine camber adjustments. Camber plates are available for most car/suspension set-ups.

What are ground control sleeves?

The Ground Control system’s unique design allows for easy adjustment. Simply lift the corner(s) of the vehicle that you wish to adjust and spin the adjustable spring seat up or down to raise or lower the vehicle*. Ground Control spring kits are also designed to be used with either stock or aftermarket shocks.

Do camber plates increase ride height?

The MM Caster/Camber Plates meet and exceed all of the requirements for a well-designed upper strut mount. It also allows adjustment of the strut shaft height, relative to the strut tower, to regain bump travel if the car has been lowered. Regaining lost suspension travel will improve both performance and ride comfort.

What does ground control mean *?

Definition of ‘ground control’ 1. the personnel, radar, computers, etc, on the ground that monitor the progress of aircraft or spacecraft. 2. a system for feeding continuous radio messages to an aircraft pilot to enable him or her to make a blind landing.

Do camber plates make noise?

Most adjustable camber plates will eventually get noisy regardless of brand, the degree of noise will vary. You have metal on metal contact with spherical bearings, it’s not that complicated.

Do I need camber plates?

Camber plates become necessary when A) you want to run more camber than bolts will give you, or B) wheel/tire to spring clearance is an issue. Camber bolts work where the bottom of the strut mounts to the hub, tilting the wheel inward in relation to the strut.

How much camber do camber plates give you?

In general, most performance suspension setups benefit from anywhere between -1 and -2.5 camber.

What is ground control for?

noun. an airport facility that supervises the movement of aircraft and ground vehicles on ramps and taxiways. Derived forms. ground controller.

What is ground control software?

GroundControl software delivers true lifecycle management, end-user accountability and enhanced security for shared iPhones and iPads. Tap & Go enables user authentication and asset management; nearly impossible, until now. Keep tabs on who is taking which device, and lock-down devices when not in use.

Do caster camber plates replace strut mounts?

BMR’s CP001 Caster/Camber Plates replace the factory upper strut mounts. These adjustments also help reduce unwanted tire wear from too much negative camber.