Is there a wiki page for Eden Eternal?

The wiki knowledgebase for all that is Eden Eternal. Want to help out Eden Eternal Wiki? Get started! Here are a few ways to contribute: More information is available at the Community Portal .

When to implement advanced build in Eden Eternal?

* Advanced build will be implemented as soon as OB starts, some information needs to be confirm to implement them. *Points shown as +4 etc. can be ignored until Lv. cap is raised to 65 but are part of the builds, putting remainder points to other skill will ruin the build.

When do you get bonus experience in Eden Eternal?

When talking to a certain non-player character in a map their guild controls, players can acquire a salary and additional War Chests once a day that corresponds to their character level and the number of territories owned by their guild overall. When defeating monsters within a territory controlled by one’s guild, bonus experience is awarded.

What do legendary achievements do in Eden Eternal?

Legendary Achievements are listed as special titles, but do not need to be set to use the passive boosts and are all simultaneously active. The player has been found trapped inside of a blue crystal and has no memory of anything that has happened to them before being found.

Can a character change their class in Eden Eternal?

Unlike many games, where classes are permanent and unchangeable, in Eden Eternal, a character can change from any available class at any time out of combat. Within each of the five class branches lies a number of classes.

What do the engineers do in Eden Eternal?

Engineers, the inventors of Eden Eternal, can both function using skills to pin opponents down from afar and cripple them, and using Cyber Up to don a defensive Robot Suit. While outside of their suits, Engineers can use their skills to stun, and reduce an enemies power.