Is the slate Raven worth it?

The Raven MTi is a no brainer. At only $999 the Slate Raven MTi is a no brainer. It adds functionality, tactile satisfaction, time saving features, and WOW Factor to your commercial or home studio. It’s a nice center piece to the ITB mixing workflow and is far more ergonomic than the keyboard and mouse.

What is Raven Slate?

The RAVEN MTi2 is a state of the art 27” Multi-Touch Production Console featuring a state of the art multi-touch panel and the powerful new RAVEN 3.0 Control Software. Using the RAVEN MTi2, users have access to multi-touch faders, pans, sends, and tweak plugins with their fingers as if they were real hardware.

Is Slate Raven compatible with FL Studio?

Yes, FL Studio is already touch compatible, and was ahead of the curve.

Does Pro Tools support multi touch?

DTouch for Pro Tools is a new outstanding multi-touch Pro Tools control software application. With the DTouch mixer, you will have a direct and concurrent access to up to 32 Pro Tools faders in a multi-touch way. …

How do you connect the Raven in MTi2?

Raven MTi2 Setup Guide

  1. Register the Raven MTi2. Create iLok account. Register iLok license.
  2. Download and install the Raven software.
  3. Connect and configure the MTi2. macOS. Windows (PC)
  4. Launch your DAW using the Raven software.
  5. Update DAW settings. Pro Tools. Cubase. Studio One.

How do you set up a slate Raven in MTi2?

How do you install Raven MTZ?


  1. Attach the stand to the MTZ. Remove bolts, and place in the middle of the stand.
  2. Take right-angle power cable, and insert in the power port, in the middle of the MTZ.
  3. Locate the power switch and turn on.
  4. Connect the HDMI cable into the HDMI port, to connect the MTZ with the computer’s graphics card.

How do you install a raven slate?

How does Raven multi touch Fader technology work?

RAVEN’s multi-touch faders allow the most precise control of your DAW faders. By integrating multi-touch 100mm virtual faders directly into each DAW, the engineer has seamless control over mix levels and automation.

When did Steven Slate come up with the Raven?

In 2012, Steven Slate and his team decided to turn the monitor into a world-class, multi-touch control surface called RAVEN. With RAVEN, you have a virtual environment where the engineer can immerse themselves into their DAW like never before.

What kind of screen does Raven MTX Mk2 have?

The RAVEN MTX Mk2 is a state of the art touch screen display featuring the RAVEN MIXER – A powerful multi-touch mixer that can control all major DAW’s – and a flexible and user-customizable, multifunction TOOLBAR.

How does the slate remote work on Raven?

Slate Remote automatically synchronizes with your RAVEN session via wifi network and gives you access to your custom Batch Commands, allowing it to remotely perform time-saving tasks for you from the palm of your hand. The RAVEN Batch Command System is a true revolution in control.