Is the Ford C-Max a reliable car?

Is a used Ford C-Max MPV reliable? Yes, according to our most recent reliability survey. The C-Max and Grand C-Max finished in third place in the MPV class, with an excellent overall score of 95%. Only 21% of the 0-to-3-year-old examples surveyed had any faults at all.

How good is Renault Scenic as a car?

Wonderful drive and great for families. This car is spacious, comfortable, reliable, economic and a great drive. It makes you feel on top of the world as you sit raised above many of the other cars on the road. It is fantastic for children and has a 5 star safety rating.

Is the Ford C-Max a good buy?

Overall, the new Ford C-Max is stylish, though maybe not quite as stylish as the Citroen C4 Picasso. It’s fairly economical, too, but doesn’t lead the class in either emissions or fuel use. But – and it’s a big but – it’s the best car to drive in the class, and by some margin.

Why did Ford discontinue the C-max?

The C-Max hybrid, as well as the plug-in Energi version, were first released stateside for the 2013 model year. However, the C-Max’s updated gas mileage failed to compete with its rivals at the time. The vehicle was eventually discontinued.

Where is the Ford C-MAX built?

Wayne, Michigan
Ford unveiled the Ford C-Max Energi plug-in hybrid and the C-Max Hybrid at the 2011 North American International Auto Show….Plug-in hybrid.

Ford C-Max Energi
Model years 2013–2017
Assembly United States: Wayne, Michigan
Body and chassis
Related Ford Fusion Energi

What Insurance Group is a Ford C-MAX?

Ford C-Max insurance groups and tax bands

Model Insurance Group Tax Band
Ford C-Max 1.0 EcoBoost Zetec 5d 10 G
Ford C-Max 1.6 Zetec 5d 11 F
Ford C-Max 1.6 Titanium 5d 14 F
Ford C-Max 1.5 TDCi Zetec Navigation 5d 17 H

Are Renault Scenic parts expensive?

Renault Grand Scenic dependability The Grand Scenic also scores well, with a reliability index of 74. It is costlier to repair, however, with average costs amounting to £398.63. The main problem with the Scenic appears to be with the electrics, with electrical problems accounting for 58.06% of problems.

Is Renault Scenic discontinued?

Last year the regular Scenic was axed from the range. Renault said that the decision to remove the Grand Scenic from the range was made prior to Covid-19, and that the pandemic’s outbreak did not affect its plans. The Grand Scenic will continue to be sold in Europe alongside the Koleos.

What replaced the C-Max?

Ford C-Max
Layout Front-engine, front-wheel-drive
Predecessor Ford Escape (hybrid models only)
Successor Ford Escape/Ford Kuga Hybrid Ford Explorer Hybrid (For Grand C-MAX)

Is a Ford C-Max a people carrier?

The Ford C-MAX is a five-seat MPV that feels like a hatch to drive and has decent diesel engines.

What car is similar to Ford C-Max?

As far as alternatives are concerned we’d suggest you look at the Renault Scenic, Vauxhall Zafira, Volkswagen Touran, Peugeot 3008, and Toyota Verso. As with any mobility issue or special loading requirement, recommendation is no substitute for testing ease of access, loading and driving comfort yourself.

Is the Ford C Max a good car?

The Ford C-MAX has always been great to drive, and a facelift last year injected some much needed kerb appeal. It also offers decent practicality, while the £26,045 1.5 TDCi Titanium X PowerShift tested here mixes low running costs with a long list of kit.

Which is the best rating for a Renault Scenic?

Safety-wise the new Scenic aggressively pursues 5-star Euro N-Cap crash ratings and best in class scores (the new Scenic gets 5 stars – 90 percent for adult occupant and 82 percent for children, so it’s close to top-of-class). In tech terms, much of what other manufacturers will make you pay extra for is included as standard.

Which is better the Grand C Max or the EcoBoost?

Unlike the smaller 5-seat C-MAX, which is offered with a 1.6-litre petrol entry model, the Grand C-MAX only comes with the more powerful EcoBoost petrol and TDCi diesel options. We like the 148bhp 2.0-litre diesel the most, as its huge torque – 400Nm – makes driving the vehicle fully-laden a breeze.

What kind of engine does Ford Grand C Max have?

Like its standard C-MAX brother, the Grand C-MAX is a very frugal MPV, thanks to Ford’s excellent range of efficient petrol and diesel engines. Cheapest to run is the 1.5 TDCi which emits just 113g/km of CO2 and returns 64mpg, making it slightly more expensive to run than its five-seat sibling.