Is the emperor of all maladies worth reading?

Yet “The Emperor of All Maladies” is well worth wading into, not least for its encompassing view of the science, philanthropy and politics that have defined the modern war on cancer.

What kind of book is the emperor of all maladies?

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Who wrote The Emperor of All Maladies?

Siddhartha Mukherjee
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What is the biographical aspect of Mukherjee’s book?

It provides a moving account of Siddhartha’s personal struggle with the dreaded disease. The book tries to look at cancer from within, to understand the behavior of the disease and to demystify it. The book provides a comprehensive historical account of the disease.

For Which book did Jhumpa Lahiri win the Pulitzer Prize?

Interpreter of Maladies
Interpreter of Maladies, by Jhumpa Lahiri (Mariner Books/Houghton Mifflin) Columbia University President George Rupp presents Jhumpa Lahiri with The 2000 Pulitzer Prize in Fiction.

Who wrote biographies of emperors?

Who is the author of Emperor?

The Emperor (book)

First edition (Polish)
Author Ryszard Kapuściński
Country Poland
Language Polish
Genre Non-fiction/Literature

What did Bharati Mukherjee study in college?

Mukherjee, a native of Calcutta, attended schools in England, Switzerland and India, earned advanced degrees in creative writing in the United States and lived for more than a decade in Canada, affording her a wealth of experience in the modern realities of multiculturalism.

Which of the following is a book written by the famous award winning Indian American Canadian author Bharati Mukherjee?

Bharati Mukherjee (July 27, 1940 – January 28, 2017) was an Indian American-Canadian writer and professor emerita in the department of English at the University of California, Berkeley….

Bharati Mukherjee
Notable works Jasmine
Spouse Clark Blaise

Who wrote The Great Indian Novel?

Shashi Tharoor
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How many pages is the emperor of all maladies?

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