Is the anime Detective Conan really that long?

Detective Conan is one of those animes that will make you start guessing, thinking, and probably develop your logic at some point. The only problem is that Conan is seriously really, really long, and at some points, we might get unmotivated to watch it episode by episode.

How old is Kudo Shinichi in Detective Conan?

Seventeen-year-old Kudo Shinichi is a prodigy boy detective. During an investigation, two thugs in black force feed Kudo an experimental poison that unexpectedly turns him into a little boy instead of killing him. To hide his identity as he searches for the organization that tried to kill him, Kudo takes the name of Edogawa Conan.

Who are the three kids in Detective Conan?

The whole gang gets invited to Inspecter Shiratori’s villa, where he keeps his wine collection, to celebrate the completion of it. Conan and Ran are visiting Heiji and Kazuha in Osaka but while they are touring around they come across a group of three kids that look like Ayumi, Mitsuhiko, and Genta.

What happens to Conan Edogawa in Detective Conan?

What’s worse, he’s forced to take a deadly, experimental drug that shrinks his body to the age of seven. To protect himself and his loved ones from those who may want to finish the job, Shinichi dons the new name Conan Edogawa and moves in with Ran, whose father is a famous detective, in hopes of closing cases that can lead him to the men in black.

Who is the hammer man in Detective Conan?

A person who murders people with a hammer, dubbed “Hammer Man”, has been seen escaping to an apartment after assaulting a woman. Along with present victim, the “Hammer Man” attempted 3 murders in the past, making the total number of victims to 4. Sato and Takagi stalk out the apartment and are later accompanied by Conan, Ran and Sonoko.

Who is the sole eye witness in Detective Conan?

Though when officer Satou keiji is injured by this killer, Ran is the only eye wittiness. Suffering from traumatic shock, she loses her memory of everything in her life. As a result, the killer now knows that Ran has seen his/her face, he/she must get rid of the sole eye witness. Conan must find the murderer while protecting his identity.

Are there any spin offs of Lupin the 3rd vs Detective Conan?

The anime spun off theatrical films, two OVA series, and a TV special titled Lupin the 3rd vs Detective Conan; these spin offs were created with the same staff and cast as the anime series.

Who is Conan Edogawa’s double in Detective Conan?

Duke Keith of Vespania decides to conceal the news of missing Mira, and taken Ran Mouri back to Vespania as Mira’s double. When Conan Edogawa hears about the news, he sneaks aboard Vespania’s royal jet plane, and follows Ran Mouri, in order to find out the truth.

Where does the story of Detective Conan take place?

This story takes place 100 days before Kudo Shinichi became Edogawa Conan. Kudo Shinichi, a high school detective, arrives in Jugoya Town with Mori Ran and others. In this town a legend exists, claiming that a gigantic bull-headed shrike attacks the townspeople and kills them.

What are the names of the Detective Conan songs?

Detective Conan Character Song Collection – Teitan Shougakkou ni Zenin Shuugou!! Kimi to Zutto… Detective Conan Original Soundtrack 4 ~Isoge!

Why did ran take a shower in Detective Conan?

Ran is practicing for her princess role in a play that Sonoko wrote for their campus festival. Conan and her father object to who her partner is for the said play since she had to kiss someone. Just as Ran decides to take a quick shower for her practice, she is told that the shower is broken.

When does Detective Conan Scarlet bullet come out?

“Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, we have decided to postpone the release date of Detective Conan Scarlet Bullet, which is scheduled to be released on Friday, April 17, 2020,” the film’s website revealed. “We sincerely apologize to all those who have been waiting for the release of the work.