Is suspension seatpost good?

Suspension seatposts can prolong comfort in the saddle, smooth out rough and bumpy terrain, and even help prevent back injuries. There have been various contraptions to suspend and cushion bike saddles since the dawn of cycling. However, many of them had a reputation for being, well, contraptions.

Can you shorten a suspension seatpost?

If the post cannot be slid all the way into the frame due to an obstruction it can be cut down to shorten it. As long as the minumum length is inserted into the frame you will be structurally safe. You can buy a shorter post of course.

Do dropper seatposts have suspension?

Riders ask a lot from their dropper seatposts. Similar to a suspension component, a dropper seatpost will have constant forces being applied to it, so it’s important to keep your post properly maintained so that it works as intended.

Is my seatpost too high?

Signs your saddle height may be wrong Knee pain is one of the most common indicators of an incorrect saddle height. A rider whose saddle is too high usually rocks as they pedal too, and the excessive movement required to reach the bottom of each pedal stroke as your hips roll can also cause pain.

Why is my dropper post wiggling?

If your dropper post is moving without pressing the lever (it won’t stay up as you are riding), then you have too much tension on the cable. You’ll want to REMOVE tension. To do so, turn the barrel adjuster clockwise.

Are PNW dropper posts good?

Our review PNW’s component range offers good value across the board, and its Loam dropper is no different and arrives in fully recyclable packaging. The Loam is the next step up in the range from PNW’s entry-level and super-affordable Rainer dropper post (£128.39) and, for the price, it’s a really solid performer.

Which is the best suspension seatpost for a road bike?

The Redshift ShockStop Suspension Seatpost gives 35mm of tunable, ultra-responsive suspension travel for a definitive knock eating solace. 20mm of front suspension and 35 mm of back suspension let you skim over unpleasant territory – ride further, quicker, and all the more easily on the bicycle you effectively claim.

Why do you need a suspension seat post?

The suspension seat post is created to one main reason to lessen or wear and tear to your body from road vibrations and small bumps. If you’ve been long on your saddle then you will experience pain in your peripheral area. So by having a suspension seat post and a good bike saddle will definitely give you the comfort that you need.

Can a suspension seatpost be used on a hardtail?

Generally speaking, unlike shocks and linkages, suspension seatposts are relatively easy to install and maintain, and can be used with pretty much all types of bikes, from hardtails to gravel tourers. From our sponsor; more content below…

Which is the best suspension post for gravel bikes?

Fully active elastomers provide approximately 3 inches (76mm, Long Travel) or 1.3 inches (33mm, Short Travel) of customizable suspension. This one of the most popular sseat post by Crane Creek and compatible to any bike. If you’re looking for a lightweight Gravel shock-absorbing Seatpost Suspension then the Kinect 3.1 is for you.