Is Skoda Octavia a reliable car?

Skoda is renowned for its reliability and the Octavia has performed consistently well in our Driver Power customer satisfaction surveys.

Is Skoda Octavia worth buying?

The Interiors are classy. Engine and driving experience is at par with big brands like BMW, Audi and Mercedes Build quality and features are top class. I am extremely happy with the purchase. If someone is looking for a premium sedan with budgets in mind then this is the best option.

Is Skoda Octavia a good used car?

Verdict. Skoda has been one of the most consistent brands in our annual Driver Power satisfaction survey. And while the second-generation Octavia arrived way back in 2004, it still ranked 14th in our Driver Power 2017 used car poll; the latest model was 10th in 2018’s new car survey.

Is Skoda Octavia expensive to maintain?

Higher labour and parts costs make the Skoda much more expensive to maintain.

What problems do Skoda Octavia have?

Several Octavia owners have reported issues with the dual-clutch DSG automatic gearbox, with some reporting electrical glitches and others mechanical faults. It’s therefore imperative to make sure that any automatic Octavia changes through the gears smoothly and without hesitation in both manual and automatic modes.

How long should a Skoda Octavia last?

The old Skoda is back on the road: Like all cars, diesel models need proper maintenance and their lifespan is highly dependent on the quality of the engine oil and diesel fuel used. If you give them a proper care, they could easily surpass the 250,000-mile mark and remain faithful without huge issues.

Is Skoda cheap to maintain?

Servicing is cheaper than many rivals and Skoda has a fixed price scheme for cars over three years old where an oil change is £184, along with periodic intervals for the air filter (£45), pollen filter (£35) and – where equipped – diesel fuel filter (£59).

Is Skoda better than VW?

In the Volkswagen Group’s hierarchy of brands, Skoda is regarded as the practical, budget-oriented option. In May 2021, Volkswagen (4005 units) outsold Skoda (1069) on an almost 4:1 basis, while according to annual 2020 figures, Volkswagen (39,266) was almost six times as popular as Skoda (6607).

Which Skoda Octavia engine is best?

The 148bhp diesel engine (badged 2.0 TDI 150PS) is an impressive performer. Not only can it get the Octavia from 0-62mph in a very respectable 8.7sec but, more importantly, it pulls strongly from low revs. It’s a great fit for the car, whether you’re travelling alone or with the family and a boot full of luggage.

Are Skoda engines reliable?

Skoda are very reliable. In a J.D Power Vehicle Dependability Study in 2015, Skoda came top with 77 problems per 100 vehicles. The overall industry average is 114 problems per 100 vehicles. They also topped the J.D Power study in 2016 in which they claimed Skoda had just 66 problems per 100 vehicles.

Is Skoda repair expensive?

In every segment Skoda competes in, it claims its cars are among the least expensive to service. “Comparative data sourced from manufacturer websites busts the myth that all European cars are more expensive to maintain than those from Korea or Japan,” Skoda Australia director Michael Irmer said.

Is the new Skoda Octavia a good car?

If you haven’t already been won over by the Skoda Octavia ’s mix of practicality, comfort and quality interior – not to mention the great-value price tag – then this new model probably won’t change your mind.

Is the Octavia diesel a four wheel drive car?

The diesel comes with four-wheel drive and feels very strong in the mid-range while the petrol is seriously and features a fancy traction-boosting system lifted from the superlative Golf GTI to put its power down come rain or shine. Both are DSG automatic only. Interested in buying a Skoda Octavia?

What kind of warranty does Skoda Octavia have?

Skoda fares well in the Warranty Direct Reliability Index, sitting towards the top of the manufacturer rankings. The Octavia isn’t quite as well regarded as an individual model, however, with engine, electrical and suspension problems accounting for a sizable chunk of warranty claims in the past.

What kind of park assist does the Octavia have?

There’s the usual options of wireless charging, parking cameras or park assist, which will park the Octavia in parallel or bay spaces. If you’re towing there’s trailer assist, too, while adaptive cruise control is also available either optionally, or as standard on the Lauren & Klement.