Is Ojon hair products discontinued?

Ojon is a discontinued hair care brand that has been merged with or taken over by Origins. Origins is one of the original brands of Estee Lauder Companies, while Ojon has been under the origins umbrella since 2007.

What is Ojon oil?

Ojon* oil or Caiaue oil Botanical Name – Elaeis Oleifera Extraction Method – Cold Pressed Description – The Ojon oil is the only natural component which has the same constitution of the hair keratin. It is rich in amino acids and natural antioxidants that protect the hair fibers from daily aggressions.

Can you still buy Ojon?

Who sold Ojon?

The Estee Lauder Companies
The Estee Lauder Companies, a manufacturer and marketer of skin care, makeup, fragrance and hair care products, has agreed to acquire the Ojon Corp., a privately held prestige hair care company based in Canada. The closing of the acquisition is expected to occur in this month.

How do you use a restorative hair mask?

After shampooing, apply a generous amount to towel-dried hair and comb through. Leave on for 5–7 minutes. Rinse and finish with conditioner. Use once weekly, less frequently as hair improves.

Does Moroccan oil heal damaged hair?

Moroccan oil is packed with omega fatty acids, which improve dry skin and add shine to damaged hair. The phenols in Moroccan oil maintain scalp health and help to balance the pH levels, which can combat oil, explains Dr. Jaliman.

How do you reverse Ojon Damage?

Ojon Damage Reverse Restorative Hair Serum (50ml)

  1. Warm one to two drops in palms of hand and apply to damp or dry hair concentrating on ends.
  2. Use before heat styling to protect hair or as a finishing touch for brilliant shine, softness and frizz control.
  3. Absorbs instantly.
  4. Leaves no oily or greasy residue.

Is Ojon oil good for hair?

It is rich in amino acids and natural antioxidants that protect the hair strands from environmental aggressors like sun and pollution. Caiaue Oil is effective in combating hair loss and as a hair tonic for the treatment and dandruff.

What does batana oil smell like?

It is produced by the indigenous Miskito people, who are also known as the Tawira, or “the people of beautiful hair.” Batana oil is extracted from the nut of the American Palm tree. At room temperature, it’s a smooth, brown paste, which is known to smell like coffee.

What is Ojon made from?

Our organically crafted Caiaué Oil, also called Ojon Oil or Dendê Bravo Oil, is cold pressed from the nuts of Elaeis oleifera, commonly called the American Oil Palm, native to South and Central America, from Honduras to northern Brazil.