Is mukuro Rokudo a girl?

Mukuro Rokudo
Epithet “Kokuyo Junior High Gang Boss” “10th Vongola Mist Guardian”
Personal Info
Gender Male
Age 15 years old (Present) 25 years old (Future)

Is mukuro loyal to Tsuna?

Mukuro himself seems to trust him enough when he asked Tsuna to protect his comrades, though he thinks that he has started to lose his mind asking favors from the Mafia, and still vowing that he would defeat him one day.

What happened mukuro Rokudo?

Even after becoming the Mist Guardian, Mukuro still claims to no longer be part of the Mafia, having been exiled from it. He continues to view the organization with great contempt, though he now prefers to avoid any involvement with them.

How old is Xanxus?

Age Varia Arc 24 Future Arc 34
Status Alive
Date of Birth October 10th
Height 188cm

Is Mukuro Ikusaba death?

It is then revealed the actual Mukuro is dead and the person who Takumi faced is a fake, which were all girls who worshipped the Ultimate Soldier presented in the room by Shūji . Takumi killed them all and scored their murders at zero points, saying they lack the passion for the murder that the actual Mukuro had.

Are chrome and Mukuro related?

Chrome & Mukuro Like Ken and Chikusa, Chrome is loyal and devoted to Mukuro, and cares deeply for him since he gave her a chance to live and was the first person who claimed that he needed her and accepted her, something that nobody, not even her own parents, ever did.

Is mukuro and chrome related?

Who is Xanxus father?

Xanxus is the current leader of the Varia, the independent assassination squad of the Vongola Famiglia. He is Vongola Nono’s adopted son, and was the main antagonist of the Varia Arc.

Who freed Xanxus?

Reluctantly, Timoteo came to the decision to freeze him with Vongola Primo’s technique, Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition. Xanxus was frozen for eight years, until someone unfroze the ice and freed him.

Does Mukuro have a crush on Naegi?

Canon. Neither character had many interactions in the main story, but School Mode, Danganronpa IF, and various spinoff materials reveal that Mukuro had a crush on Makoto before the events of Monokuma’s Killing Game.

Who does Junko have a crush on?

Junko had romantic feelings for Yasuke, referring to them as “lovers”, though Yasuke denied this.

Where did Mukuro Rokudo come from in reborn?

As revealed in a flashback sequence, Mukuro Rokudo was born into the Estraneo Famiglia and was one of the children experimented by the Estraneos.

Who is Mukuro in Katekyo Hitman Reborn?

Mukuro is a character from the manga and anime series Katekyo Hitman Reborn!. He starts off as the first main antagonist before becoming one of the protagonists. As a child, he was born into the Estraneo family where experiments were performed on him regularly. This led Mukuro to develop a hatred of the mafia.

Who is Futa and what does he do?

Futa, also known as Futa de la Stella, lit. “Futa of the Stars”, is a young boy who ranks people by their abilities in his Ranking Book. He has an extremely wide range of knowledge on thousands of people and is considered to be an invaluable informant for the mafia, sometimes being paid insane amounts of money for a copy of certain rankings.

Why does Mukuro Rokudo hate the Mafia so much?

As a child, he was born into the Estraneo family where experiments were performed on him regularly. This led Mukuro to develop a hatred of the mafia. Eventually he killed his captors and persuaded Ken Joshima and Chikusa Kakimoto to follow him as they had also been experimented on.