Is McGill good for finance?

McGill University consistently ranks among the top 40 universities in the world (QS World University Rankings 2020) while the Finance Area at the Desautels Faculty of Management is internationally recognized for its excellence in research and innovative teaching.

What is a minor McGill?

A major is your primary area of study at McGill. A minor is an area of secondary concentration. Some faculties offer a concentration or specialization within a Bachelor degree program.

How many minors can you take McGill?

Minors normally consist of 18–24 credits, allowing 6–12 credits of overlap with the degree program (see individual minor program requirements for specific information regarding course overlap)….Minor Program Advisors:

Minor title Advisor Email
Chemistry Dr. Samuel Sewall [email protected]

How do I add a minor to McGill?

How to change your academic curriculum

  1. Click the Log in to Minerva icon found on the sidebar.
  2. Log in using your McGill ID and PIN.
  3. Select the Student Menu.
  4. Select the Student Records Menu.
  5. Select either Change Your Primary Curriculum (1st degree) or Change Your Secondary Curriculum (2nd degree), as appropriate.

Is John Molson a good school?

According to QS 2020 Global MBA and Business Masters Rankings, John Molson MBA is ranked 1 in Canada for ROI. Corporate Knights has ranked the John Molson MBA 24th in the world in the 17th annual Better World MBA rankings. The Economist ranks JMSB’s Executive MBA program 2nd in Canada and 64th in the world.

What R score is required for McGill psychology?

Psychology (Faculty of Arts)

Average or previous year’s cutoff: 28.70 overall R-Score
Prerequisites: English 603 (or French 601 for French CEGEP applicants)
Language requirements: Proof of English proficiency
Location: Downtown (Montreal) Campus
Can be taken as: Major Concentration Honours Joint Honours Minor Concentration

Can you minor at McGill?

students can apply for minors offered by other faculties at McGill University. You can count your minor credits as electives towards your B. Mus. program.

How does a minor in university work?

Majors and minors are defined sequences of units of study that develop a student’s depth of expertise in one subject area. A minor consists of 36 credit points in 1000, 2000 and 3000- level units of study in a single subject area. Minors are not listed on students’ testamur.

Do two minors make a major?

Basic Rules of Minors Minors and majors need to complement each other. Universities tend to let you either complete one major and two minors, or two majors and one minor. Most will not allow you more than two minors, because you must be able to complete the courses on time to graduate.

Can you have two minors at McGill?

Students in the Bachelor of Arts degree follow a multi-track program permitting them to register in at least two and as many as four different Major and Minor Concentrations.

Can you change your minor at McGill?

degree (96 or fewer credits): You may change major/major concentrations, minor/minor concentrations or faculty programs using Minerva. To change to a major or honours program in another Science group, students must submit an Intra-Faculty Transfer application; see

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Are there any management minors at McGill University?

The Faculty of Management has four Minors (for non-management students) that allow undergraduates to develop a variety of managerial skills that will serve them throughout their chosen careers. Students may only apply if they have completed 8 courses at McGill – this includes in-progress Winter term courses.

Can a finance student do a minor in management?

Students pursuing a Joint Honours Economics Finance or Accounting may not do any of the minors in management. Courses for Minors cannot be taken under the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory option. Students can only pursue ONE of the Minors offered by the Faculty of Management.

How many credits do you need for a minor in management?

All Minors are composed of 18 credits of Management courses. All Minors for Non-Management Students require an application. Courses for Minors must be passed with grades of C or better. Students pursuing a Joint Honours Economics Finance or Accounting may not do any of the minors in management.

What are the admission requirements for McGill University?

While the minimum requirement for McGill is the equivalent of a B+ average, most programs will have higher requirements. See the complete admissions requirements for more information applicable to your situation. This is only a summary: be sure to review the full admission requirements before applying.