Is Marshalltown a good brand?

To its customers and others in the industry, the company is known for the best tools and it is known by one name—MARSHALLTOWN. A long ways from the small machine shop the Williams brothers began in 1890, MARSHALLTOWN is now one of the largest tool manufacturers in the world.

Is Marshalltown tools American made?

Founded in 1905, it began as a trowel company and eventually became a world leading manufacturer of masonry tools. Marshalltown tools are proudly made in America, and are designed for both professionals and homeowners, and are built to last.

Where can I buy Goldblatt tools?

Our New Line of Goldblatt RED Tools Now Available Exclusively at The Home Depot.

What is Marshalltown QLT?

Our contractor-grade QLT Finishing Trowels are cast aluminum mounting securely riveted to the tempered, polished steel blade. The mounting has a square shank to prevent the handle from turning. Your choice of comfort grip or wood handle.

Where is QLT by Marshalltown made?

Simply put… Quality. The QLT tools are made in china and have weaker welds at the handle and blade. The Premier line tools are made here in the USA, they also boasts a higher quality steel and a higher quality wood for the handle.

What does PermaShape mean?

MARSHALLTOWN PermaShape® Finishing Trowels are guaranteed to never change its shape and ensures beginning finishers can do a better job and be more productive sooner. The broken-in shape eliminates line and ripple marks right from the start.

Who owns Goldblatt tools?

Goldblatt is a long-standing brand that specializes in concrete, masonry, tile, and drywall tools, and they have been branching out into other areas. The USA-based company is now owned by GreatStar Tools (since 2011), which is a huge OEM.

What does Goldblatt mean?

Goldblatt is a surname, meaning “gold leaf” in the German language. Notable people named Goldblatt include: David Goldblatt, South African photographer.

What is the best trowel for Archaeology?

The “Mark I” are the one most often used by archaeologists. These trowels are very reliable on the excavation. The lozenge shape offers an ideal edge for the cautious digging of hard soils or stony areas.

What is a finishing trowel?

A finishing trowel is an important tool for many types of construction. It’s used to smooth out materials like mortar, plaster, and concrete. It has a very straight, angled blade designed to fit precisely into right angles and smooth out the surface of the mixture in straight lines.

Where is Goldblatt made?

The Olathe, Kan. -based tool manufacturer, will continue to design, manufacture and market a full line of Goldblatt, Pace-Setter and private-label hand tools out of Kansas and Shanghai, China.

Why are Marshalltown tools the best in the world?

Word of the Williams’ superior tools quickly spread, and they built a company that would become recognized worldwide as the standard of quality. Although Jesse and Lester likely never imagined how large MARSHALLTOWN would become, they’d be happy to know our driving principle remains the same; we offer the BEST products at a FAIR price.

Where is Marshalltown Concrete Company in Marshalltown IA?

1-800-888-0127 104 S. 8th Ave., Marshalltown, IA 50158 Refund and Return Policies Copyright © 2019 MARSHALLTOWN Company. All rights reserved.

When was the first plastering trowel made in Marshalltown?

Join Team Marshalltown and start earning rewards now! Learn More In 1890, two brothers—Jesse and Lester Williams—began making their first plastering trowels in their newly established machine and repair shop.

What kind of hand tool do you use to finish concrete?

The Kraft Tool Company CF1212PF Stainless Steel Hand Groover is used to create a 1/2″ deep by 1/2″ radius control joint in concrete. The 6″ x 6″ base ensures the finish around the joint will be smooth and clean.