Is it you too or you two?

The confusion between to, too, and two occurs because the three words are pronounced identically. If you’re able to replace the word with “also” or “excessively/too much,” use too. If the word is a number, use two.

Which is correct both of you or you both?

“Both” is not a noun so the correct use is “both of you” without the definite article.

Is it proper to say you both?

The correct way would be to say “to you both.” When using it in a sentence correctly, an example of a grammatically correct sentence would be “Our company approves of your decision and we offer our congratulations to you both.”

Is it this two or these two?

1 Answer. “These two” is correct because two is a plural, as you say.

What is two too and to?

To, too and two are homophones that often confuse people. ‘To’ is used to show motion, eg “I’m going to the shop.” ‘Too’ means ‘also’ or ‘extremely’, eg “I would like to come too but I’m too tired.” ‘Two’ means the number 2, eg “Let’s buy two apples.”

What does you 2 mean?

U2 means “You Too.”

How do you use both correctly?

As a pronoun, ‘both’ indicates that two items are being discussed and is therefore used in place of the phrase “the two.” The use of ‘both’ to discuss three or more entities is grammatically incorrect. Both samples were measured. (i.e., The two samples were measured.) There were two outliers, and we removed both.

Can I say thank you both?

The expression “thank you both” is correct to use when you wish to thank two people. In this expression, the word “thank” is the verb, and the word “you” is the subject, which the word “both” makes plural.

Does both mean two?

We use both to refer to two things or people together: … When we use both before a determiner (e.g. a/an, the, her, his) + noun, both and both of can be used: …

Can you say thank you both?

Is it 2 person or 2 persons?

Generally, persons is a decent substitute for individuals, and appears more in legal contexts that demand precision. People is the ordinary plural of person. Asking for a table for two or a table for two people is better than asking for a table for two persons.

Which is correct ladies or ladies?

The plural possessive is “ladies’.” “Lady” is singular, so if you were referring solely to one woman’s shoes, it would be “the lady’s shoes.”

When to use ” both of you are looking great “?

“Both of you are looking great.” You need the conjunctive verb to link the two parts of the sentence. “Both of you” – “looking great”. Or in the negative: “Both of you are not looking great.” “Is” and “Are” are he present tense of the verb “to be”, “is” being singular and “are”’being plural. So if you say in the singular “He is looking great.”

When to use the word’you look good’?

On the other hand, ‘you look good’ is often used in conjunction with the verb make when a person needs to create a positive and favorable impression of themselves; e.g. the recruiter should also edit your resume to make you look good.

What’s the difference between’you are looking good’and’well’?

On the other hand, well can be an adjective or adverb depending on context. You are looking good – you look attractive. You are looking well – your health seems well; it seems you are in the pink of health. You can use both present continuous and simple present.

Why is the phrase’you are looking good’not colloquial?

Because ‘ you are looking good ‘ is not colloquial. In order for the phrase “You are looking good” to be really colloquial, the subject and the auxiliary should be contracted: You’re looking good is the form preferred, and native speakers will contract words, especially auxiliaries, whenever possible.