Is it true that Soyul is leaving Crayon Pop?

[★BREAKING] Soyul Is Leaving Crayon Pop Permanently Soyul has just now officially announced that she will be leaving Crayon Pop. Despite Soyul leaving, Crayon Pop will NOT be disbanding as a group. While the member’s contracts all officially expired, all of them except Soyul decided to renew with Chrome Entertainment.

Who is the girl singer from Crayon Pop?

Park Hye-kyeong (박혜경), best known by the stage name Soyul (소율), is a South Korean singer. She is best known as a former member of the South Korean girl group Crayon Pop, under Chrome Entertainment. Soyul made her solo debut with the digital single, ” Y-Shirt ” in 2015.

What kind of music does Crayon Pop make?

As their name suggests, Crayon Pop are one of k-pop’s most upbeat, energetic creations of the past few years. Though their discography is comparatively small, it’s remarkably consistent. They’re also a group overshadowed by their one impossibly enormous hit. But beyond that is a treasure trove of fun, smart and even experimental pop music.

When did Soyul give birth to her daughter?

She gave birth to a daughter on May 12, 2017. On May 31, 2017, was announced Soyul’s departure from the group. On June 2, 2019, it was revealed her family will be cast members on the show The Return of Superman starting on June 9, 2019. This article is a stub.

What’s the meaning of the song Ready Now by Kim Woojin?

Full of powerful sounds and rhythmical beats, “Ready Now” is a song about the banality of evil. Following his pre-debut single in July, KIM WOOJIN made his official debut with his 1st mini-album. “My growing pains” is a song that describes the anxiety one feels when the person people know about isn’t really “me”.

What was the song Splash by Simply K pop about?

“MOON WALKER” is a fierce dance song that captures the ears and eyes,from its whistling in the intro to its moonwalk performance in the chorus. “Splash” is about the excitement of seeing the ocean for the first timeand moving forward without fearing the crashing waves.