Is it safe to go to Alanya Turkey?

OVERALL RISK : MEDIUM. Being that Alanya is a holiday destination, it can be said that it is quite safe for tourists. The risk of being robbed on the beach exists, as well as the constant risk of the terrorist attacks.

Which is better Antalya or Alanya?

Alanya is younger, livelier and is more the ‘Benidorm’ of the Turkish Riviera complete with relatively high-rise, dense development. The beach at Alanya is generally on the other side of a busy road. As was pointed out, Alanya is roughly twice as far from Antalya airport as Side.

Is Alanya Turkey Nice?

For the last 7 years we have had great Holidays. There is so much to do and see, I cannot wait to go back. It is a beautiful place, the food is really good and the people are so friendly. It is very family orientated and I would highly recommend Alanya.

What is Alanya like in Turkey?

Alanya is located in the center of Turkish Riviera and offers a pleasant Mediterranean climate with long summers and mild winters. Alanya enjoys 310 days of sunshine each year with up to 14 hours of sunlight per day in June and July.

How far is Alanya from the Syrian border?

The shortest distance (air line) between Alanya and Syria is 352.80 mi (567.77 km). The shortest route between Alanya and Syria is 541.82 mi (871.98 km) according to the route planner. The driving time is approx. 11h 30min.

What currency is used in Alanya?

the Turkish Lira
The currency in Alanya is the Turkish Lira.

Is Alanya cheaper than Antalya?

Cost of living in Alanya (Turkey) is 11% cheaper than in Antalya (Turkey)

Which part of Turkey has the best beaches?

12 Top-Rated Beaches in Turkey

  1. Patara. Patara Beach.
  2. Bodrum Peninsula. Bodrum Beach.
  3. Kaputas Beach. Aerial view of Kaputas Beach.
  4. Çirali Beach. Çirali Beach.
  5. Çesme Peninsula. One of the Çesme Peninsula’s many beaches.
  6. Butterfly Valley. The beach at Butterfly Valley.
  7. Antalya. Antalya’s Konyaalti Beach.
  8. Kas. Little Pebble Beach in Kas.

What is the nearest airport to Alanya Turkey?

What is the nearest airport to Alanya? The nearest airport to Alanya is Gazipasa (GZP) Airport which is 37.7 km away. Other nearby airports include Antalya (AYT) (113.9 km).

What is Alanya known for?

Alanya is best known for its beaches. The sandy strips in town itself, and strung along the surrounding coast, are all about laid-back resort vacations and are usually packed out by a clientele of northern Europeans from June through to August. There’s more to Alanya than its shore though.

Is Alanya expensive?

3-Cost of living in Alanya: Living in Alanya is not really expensive at all, what more even is cheaper than in European cities. You can buy fresh fruits and vegetables on local market in a very attractive prices all year around.

How far is Alanya from Syria border?