Is it OK for my dog to chew on antlers?

The short answer – yes, antlers are safe and dogs can chew on them! Deer andelk antlers are considered safer for dogs than rawhide, primarily due to the fact that they don’t easily splinter and are an all-natural chew. Antlers are also an extremely long-lasting treat in comparison to other dog chews.

What is the best antler dog chew?

The Best Elk Antler Dog Chews

  1. 1 Big Dog Antler Chews Premium Deer Antler Pieces.
  2. 2 WhiteTail Naturals Deer Antler Dog Chews.
  3. 3 Heartland Antlers Elk Antlers for Dogs.
  4. 4 JimHodgesDogTraining Elk Antlers for Dogs.
  5. 5 Elkhorn Premium Grade A Elk Antler Dog Chew.
  6. 6 Deluxe Naturals Antler Dog Chew.

Are antler chews safe for puppies UK?

Yes! High quality Deer Antlers are completely safe for your dogs to chew, this is because they are very unlikely to split and leave sharp edges. Deer antlers stay supple, don’t dry out, splinter or become brittle.

Why are antler chews good for dogs?

Chewing antlers is very good for dogs in many ways. It helps keep their teeth clean, and it expends energy and keeps the dog out of trouble and out from under foot. Antler chews are also full of nutrients such as calcium.

How long should you let your dog chew on an antler?

3) Limit chew time; we suggest less than an hour. Your pooch should never have free access to their chews.

Can antlers break dogs teeth?

You should consider, though, that antlers and other excessively hard chews are a common cause of broken teeth in dogs. Broken teeth are extremely painful and can lead to abscesses and infections.

Can antlers give dogs diarrhea?

Do not give puppies any kind of antlers to chew on. (The high protein content can cause stomach upset and diarrhea.) Check with your veterinarian first before giving your dog any chew product.

What size antler should I get for my dog?

What Size Elk Antler Do I Need For My Dog?

Antler Size Dog Weight
Small 0-10 pounds
Medium 15-30 pounds
Large 30-45 pounds

Can antlers make dog sick?

However, chewing antlers can still make your dog unwell. The biggest risk is a cracked tooth, which will not only hurt your dog but can result in an infection in the area. If the antler rubs too hard against the gums, it can also cause your dog serious discomfort.

What age can puppies chew antlers?

Also, puppy teeth fall out at around 4-6 months. So we took the plunge and allowed our puppies under 4 months to play and chew on the deer antlers. Our pup’s immediately loved the antlers and no issues with cracked teeth and they barely put a dent in the antlers.

Can antlers make dogs sick?

Antlers are natural products, and if they have been prepared properly, they should not contain anything nasty that can be toxic to your dog or make them sick. However, chewing antlers can still make your dog unwell.

Can an antler give a dog diarrhea?

Do not give puppies any kind of antlers to chew on. (The high protein content can cause stomach upset and diarrhea.)

Is it safe for dogs to eat antlers?

Antlers are 100 percent organic and — in their natural state — do not contain any substances hazardous or poisonous to dogs. Since antlers are made of bone, they are just as safe for your dog to eat as any other type of animal bone.

What are the best antlers for dogs?

Elk antlers are a natural source of calcium, collagen, phosphorous and other important nutrients that help your dog grow strong and healthy. Elk antlers are also safer than butcher bones, as they are very dense and pretty much impossible to shatter.

Are antlers good for dogs with sensitive stomachs?

Antlers are unique in that they are extremely long lasting and healthy for your dog as they chew- and easy on their stomachs. There are quite a few reasons why antlers are great for dogs with sensitive stomachs. The most important reason that antlers make great chews for dogs with sensitive stomachs is that they are a nominal source of protein.

Is it OK for my dog to chew on a deer antler?

Overall, antlers are safe chews for your dog to enjoy with proper supervision. They are a cruelty-free and sustainable chew that will last your dog a long time. Elk and deer antlers are rich in protein and a natural source of many different nutrients for healthy dogs.