Is it illegal to buy cannabis seeds in Germany?

GERMANY. Germany presents a complicated stance on cannabis seeds. Seeds do not fall under the German Narcotics Act, which therefore makes them legal to buy. However, Germany has prohibited the sale of cannabis seeds countrywide, being the only European nation to have done so.

How much is a 50lb bag of Kentucky bluegrass seed?

Midnight Kentucky Bluegrass Seed (Certified) – 50 Lbs.

Was: $277.70 Details
Price: $229.95
You Save: $47.75 (17%)

Which countries are cannabis seeds legal?

Argentina , Australia, Barbados, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Finland, Georgia, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Lebanon, Lesotho, Lithuania, Luxembourg, North Macedonia, Malawi, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Peru, Poland.

Can I buy cannabis seeds from Europe?

Since most seed banks that offer cannabis seeds source them from seed banks in European countries, you may want to search there too. Cannabis seeds are not illegal in the European Union, and technically it’s not illegal to purchase seeds from another country.

Can you overseed with Kentucky bluegrass?

Kentucky bluegrass is one of the best grass seeds to overseed with as it’s a popular cool-temperature grass. These traits also make it one of the best grass seed for overseeding different lawns. Unfortunately, bluegrass doesn’t do well in shaded lawns, so consider perennial ryegrass if your lawn is shaded.

Why is bluegrass so expensive?

Kentucky bluegrass is moderatly expensive when seeded in a large area. Although a low-stature plant, Kentucky bluegrass requires fertilization and irrigation to maintain turf quality. Kentucky bluegrass germinates slowly and has a long juvenile stage. It is therefore slow to establish.

Is ILoveGrowingMarijuana legit?

ILoveGrowingMarijuana is overall a great seed bank. Apart from offering high-quality seeds that come with a germination guarantee, they also offer free and fast shipping to customers in the USA and EU, they are a big favorite in the industry as shown by many ilgm reviews.

Can you just sprinkle grass seed on lawn?

Can you just sprinkle grass seed on top of your existing lawn? While it’s possible to simply sow the new grass seed over your existing lawn, taking the time to prepare your lawn beforehand will increase the likelihood of seed germination and improve your end result.

How long does it take for Kentucky bluegrass seed to sprout?

Kentucky Bluegrass takes about 3 weeks to germinate when both soil temperature and moisture conditions are ideal. Note that cold and/or dry soil can greatly extend the normal germination time.

Which is better fescue or bluegrass?

The final notable difference is their preferred growing conditions. While Kentucky bluegrass is vulnerable to weeds and diseases during summer and in generally hot climates, tall fescue is rather heat-tolerant and is resistant to summertime disease and weed invasions such as crabgrass.

Is Kentucky bluegrass the best grass?

For many lawn owners in the United States, Kentucky bluegrass is synonymous with the ideal lawn. When given its preferred growing conditions and proper care, this grass produces a dense, lush, durable lawn that lives up to its reputation.

What are the most reputable seed banks?

  • ILGM – All-Round Best Seed Bank That Ships to USA.
  • Seedsman – Best Seed Bank Variety.
  • Crop King Seeds – Best Canadian Seed Bank.
  • MSNL – Best European Based Seek Bank.
  • Gorilla Seed Bank – Best New Online Seed Bank.
  • Seed City – Best for Hard to Find Cannabis Strains.
  • Herbies Seeds – Best Marijuana Strains Guarantee.

What kind of seeds do you need for marijuana?

TheSeedsDepot is a long-standing source for all your marijuana needs whether you are looking for information of a certain type of marijuana or looking to buy some marijuana seeds we are here to help. Hybrid, Sativa, and Indica are some of the highly desired seeds you can choose from. These three categories contain all the different types

Is it legal to use green grass seeds?

Seeds are intended for novelty, souvenir and collectible purposes only and should only be germinated in countries in which it is legal to do so. Green Grass Seeds will accept no responsibility for anyone who does not comply with local laws and takes no responsibility if they are used in any fashion that can be considered illicit or illegal.

Which is the best brand of grass seed?

Based on our research, we’ve narrowed down the list to models from Scotts, Jonathan Green, and Pennington. We named Scotts as the Best of the Best in our Best Grass Seeds category because of its superior quality and great consumer experience. We chose the Jonathan Green as our Best Bang for the Buck because of its overall quality and value.

What are the benefits of buying marijuana seeds?

The primary benefit of buying feminized marijuana seeds is that they help keep potential problems to an absolute minimum. When you buy feminized seeds, you know that every plant produced will be female unlike when you buy regular seeds.