Is Hadiqa Kiani married?

Syed Fareed Sarwarym. 2005–2008
Hadiqa Kiani/Spouse

Personal life. Kiani resides in Pakistan with her mother, who has been paralyzed since 2006. She adopted her son, Naad-e-Ali, in 2005 from the Edhi Foundation after the 2005 earthquake. Later, she married a UK-based Afghan businessman, Syed Fareed Sarwary.

How old is Kiani Hadiqa?

47 years (August 11, 1974)
Hadiqa Kiani/Age

Where is Hadiqa Kiani from?

Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Hadiqa Kiani/Place of birth

Who is Hadiqa Kiani son?

Hadiqa Kiani/Sons

What is Kayani?

Kayani or Kiani (Persian: کیانی‎), is a name of Iranian origin and may refer to: Kayanian dynasty, Iran. Kayani Mughal, Rajput tribe, Pakistan.

Is Hadiqa Kiani divorce?

Later, she married a UK based businessman, Syed Fareed Sarwary. In 2008, Hadiqa divorced Syed Fareed Sarwary. Hadiqa appeared in Samina Peerzada’s show in which she talked about love, her reason for divorce and many more things. “After my first divorce, a person entered my life.

How old is Shehzad Roy?

44 years (February 16, 1977)
Shehzad Roy/Age

Who is Kiani caste?

The Kayani (Urdu: کیانی‎), also spelled Kiyani or Kiani is a title used by the Gakhars, a tribe based in the Islamabad, Jhelum and Rawalpindi regions of Punjab, Pakistan. This caste Kayaniwas mainly lie above in Gotras of Jatt or Jutts of Punjab .

How much does it cost to join Kyani?

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What is the age of Fahad Mustafa?

38 years (June 26, 1983)
Fahad Mustafa/Age

Is Kayani a Rajpoot?

The Chib are a Rajput tribe. The Dhamial (Jat) and Dhamial (Rajput) both claim to be Janjua Rajputs, by origin….Tribes and clans of the Pothohar Plateau.

Tribe Maliar
Attock District 10,521
Jhelum District 21,348
Rawalpindi District 17,295
Total 49,164