Is Dona Nobis Pacem a round?

“Dona nobis pacem” (Ecclesiastical Latin: [ˈdona ˈnobis ˈpatʃem], “Give us peace”) is a round for three parts to a short Latin text from the Agnus Dei. The round is part of many hymnals and songbooks. Beyond use at church, the round has been popular for secular quests for peace, such as the reunification of Germany.

What is the meaning of Dona Nobis Pacem?

grant us peace
: grant us peace.

How many measures are in Dona Nobis Pacem?

This melody is comprised of three 8-measure sections creating one 24 measure melody. The melody can be sung/played in a round (canon) beginning every 8 measures.

What instruments are in Dona Nobis Pacem?

Dona nobis pacem

  • Instrumentation: choir (SATB) and piano (synthesizers); accordion, wind instrument, bass, guitar and/or percussion ad libitum.
  • Edition: score for voice and/or instruments, optional instrumental parts included.
  • Language: vocalise.

Who wrote Dona Nobis Pacem round?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Dona nobis pacem/Composers

What case is Nobis in Latin?


Singular Plural
Nominative Ego Nos
Genitive Mei Nostrum/Nostri
Dative Mihi Nobis
Accusative Me Nos

What is a Nobis?

(Latin) a Latin invocation meaning pray for us.

Is Dona Nobis Pacem a Christmas song?

“Dona Nobis Pacem,” which means ‘Grant Us Peace,’ is one such song. The songs’s simple but powerful message is still very relevant in today’s world. It is usually sung around Christmas time due to its message of peace.

What is the history of Dona Nobis Pacem?

Dona Nobis Pacem is a traditional song in round or canon form. The text translates to Grant Us Peace and is taken from the Latin mass. While the source of this canon is unknown, it is believed to date from the 16th century.

What inspired the writer of Dona Nobis Pacem?

Nonetheless the whole work is welded together by the composer’s sense of urgency; as Simon Heffer, Vaughan Williams’ biographer, has said of Dona Nobis Pacem, his ‘main inspiration is drawn not from the soil of England, but from the whole world going mad around him’.

Why was Dona Nobis Pacem written?

Dona nobis pacem (English: Grant us peace) is a cantata written by Ralph Vaughan Williams in 1936 and first performed on 2 October of that year. The work was commissioned to mark the centenary of the Huddersfield Choral Society.