Is a Catalina 30 a good boat?

The Catalina 30 is a very stiff boat. The combination of a high ballast/displacement ratio, extraordinary beam, a deep fin keel, and a fairly small sail plan produce a boat that stands on her feet very well. Owners consider the boat to be just about as fast as other boats of the same size and type.

How tall is a Catalina 30 mast?

Wing Keel 3′ 10″
Shoal 4′ 5″
Fin Keel 5′ 3″
Mast height from Waterline Std 45′ 11″ Tall 47″ 11″

Are Catalina sailboats any good?

Conclusion. The distillation of her designer’s decades of boat design and building experience, the Catalina 425 is an excellent cruising boat that will carry you just about anywhere in comfort, safety and, yes, speed and style. She’s a worthy winner of a SAIL Best Boats award.

Are Catalina 30 a Blue Water boat?

Registered. I agree with everyone that a Catalina 30 was never intended, by it’s designers, to be a blue water warrior. They are great boats for bay and coastal cruising and great boats for hanging out in the slip. If you are going to circumnavigate, get the right boat.

How fast can a Catalina 30 sail?

The boat has a hull speed of 6.7 kn (12.41 km/h). An optional tall rig has a mast about 2 ft (0.61 m) taller.

Can a Catalina 30 cross the ocean?

From my experience with a Catalina 30-Tall, it handled very well in Chesapeake Bay, but an ocean going boat it ain’t! Way too light, didn’t like a following sea at all, especially when the waves got to about 10 feet.

Can a Catalina 30 capsize?

They have a high initial stability due to hull shape and beam, combined with a fairly heavy ballast weight and you have a stable boat. It rates under 2 for capsize.

Is a Catalina 34 a good boat?

The boat is generally well engineered and well-executed. It is certainly adequate for typical coastal cruising, weekending, and daysailing. If good engineering means doing a good job of adapting means to ends, or materials to functions, then the Catalina 34 is well-engineered.

How fast can a Catalina 27 sail?

6.25 knot, 7.2 mph hull speed.

Is Catalina a bluewater boat?

In addition to a pragmatic layout and a tried and tested reputation, the Catalina 27 has a bit of lore to go along with it. A few people have even sailed these hearty little boats across oceans and around the world although they’re not really “bluewater” boats.

How many Catalina 30s were built?

During its production run from 1972 to 2008 in many versions the design sold 6,430 boats, making it one of the most successful keelboat designs ever built. The Catalina 30 design was replaced in the company’s line by the Catalina 309 in 2010….Catalina 30.

Draft 5.25 ft (1.60 m)
Type Monohull
Construction Fiberglass

How much does a new Catalina 30 cost?

1) Catalina 30 ($18,000) Depending on the year of production, a Catalina 30 can cost around $18,000. Having been around since 1972, the Catalina 30 is known for its great performance both when racing and cruising. This is a boat that will never let you down when sailing or racing.