How register smart UNLI call 30?

For example, text UCT30 to 9999 to subscribe to the Smart UCT30 promo (unlimited calls to Smart/TNT/Sun + unlimited texts to all networks + 100MB mobile data for Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp). Make sure that you have enough prepaid load to cover the registration cost.

How do I register for Smart 30 pesos?

How to Register SMART SAKTO 30. For only P30 of available prepaid credit, anyone can avail of the SMART SAKTO30 promo by choosing to manually register by sending the code “SAKTO30” (without quotations) to “9999” (also, without quotations).

What is smart register for UNLI call?

Unli Smart Call and Text 100 – Php100 valid for 4 days

  • Unlimited Smart calls and texts plus 80 texts to all networks.
  • *To register Unli Smart Call and Text, text UNLI(amount) to 6406 – Ex. UNLI100 and send to 6406.
  • *To call using Smart Unli Call and Text, dial *6406 + 11 digit mobile number.

How can I get unlimited call in smart?

How to Register to Smart Unli Call to All Networks Promos. To register to these Smart promos with unlimited calls to all networks, just dial *123#.

What is all net 30 in Smart?

With All Out Surf 30 you get 300MB data to surf any site, Unli All-net Texts, 30 mins Calls to Smart, TNT & Sun and Free Facebook! Valid for 2 days!

Is PLDT to PLDT call free?


Outside Network P 5.10/minute
Calls to Cellular Phones P6.50/minute
IDD $.40/minute

What is all out surf 30?

How do I register my 30 in TNT?

How to register TNT SURFSAYA30? To register, just dial *123# > SURFSAYA > FB > 300MB, 3 days, P30. Make sure to have enough load balance to be able to subscribe to TNT’s Surf Saya 30 promo.

How register smart UNLI call in 2021?

UCT 350

  1. Promo: Unlimited calls to SMART, TNT and SUN. + Unlimited texts to all networks. + 1GB data for Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.
  2. Registration: Text UCT350 to 9999.
  3. Validity: 30 days.
  4. Price: 350 Pesos.

How register UNLI call in 1 month in smart?

To register to Smart 1 month unlimited call and text promo, simply text UCT350 to 9999. Alternatively, you can dial *121# Choose More Select UNLI Offers Choose Unli Call & Text 350 Then Reply 1 to register.

How do I register all 30?

How To Subscribe To Smart All Out Surf 20, 30, 50, and 99 Data…

  1. Dial *123# and hit call button.
  2. In the pop-up menu, go to “Other Offers” by sending “3”.
  3. Choose “AOS” option by sending “3” again.
  4. Pick the All Out Surf promo that you prefer by sending the correct number for it.

What is all net 30?

How much is smart Unli call to all network promo?

The available promos starts at 30 pesos (for 1 day) and up to 759 & 849 pesos only (for 30 days validity). Most of these Smart promo with unli calls & texts to all networks also includes ‘all-access data’ for all apps/sites and ‘app data’ for select app bundles.

Are there any smart UCT call and text promos?

Smart Unli Call and Text promo, or the Smart UCT promo by Smart Prepaid, offers unlimited call and text, with some mobile data inclusion to its subscribers. This promo is recommended to users who are fond of texting or calling. Its unli trinet calls lets you call your friends or family with networks – Smart, TNT or Sun, non-stop.

What are the features of Unli text plus?

Features: Unlimited texts to all networks; 240 minutes of calls to Smart, Sun and Talk ‘N Text (TNT) networks; 100 MB of data for internet access Features: Unlimited texts to all networks; 60 minutes of calls to Smart, Sun and Talk ‘N Text (TNT) networks; Free Viber, Facebook and Facebook Messenger access

How to register for Smart Call and text promo?

Now, let’s check out what Smart Communications has to offer to its subscribers when it comes to their call and text promos. Just dial ✱123# to register. Just dial ✱123# to register. Just dial ✱123# to register. Just dial ✱123# to register. Just dial ✱123# to register.