How old is the GoPro Hero 2?

HERO2. The HERO2 was launched on October 24, 2011. It has an 11 MP image sensor, improved low-light capability and records at up to 120 fps.

Is there an app for GoPro Hero 2?

The new app is free to download and connects via WiFi with your HD Hero2. The GoPro App enables full camera control and live scene preview for easy shot framing on smartphones or tablets. The GoPro App is already available in the iTunes App Store and should be available soon in the Google Play Store.

How do you reset a GoPro Hero 2?

1) Hold down the Shutter (S) button. 2) Press the Power (P) button while holding the Shutter button. When the camera powers on, it will be set to all of the factory defaults.

Is GoPro 2 still good?

The first generation GoPro HD Hero still delivers a great camera with loads of mounts for $240. However, we really do feel it is worth spending the extra $60 to get the Hero2. Overall, GoPro has delivered a very powerful little camera with this Hero2 and it is a solid choice for any POV use.

How long does a GoPro Hero 2 battery last?

approximately 2.5 hours
With a single battery, you will get approximately 2.5 hours of continuous video recording time in mild and warmer temperatures*. Cold temps will reduce run times somewhat, however the camera helps to minimize this by transferring the normal heat generated during operation towards the battery.

What resolution is GoPro 2?

11 mp
GoPro HD HERO2/Sensor Resolution

Can GoPro Hero 2 connect to iPhone?

Select Pair or Pair Through the GoPro App. On the iPhone, open the Quik app, then select the camera icon on the main screen. If the latter happens, tap the GoPro, and the two devices begin pairing. After you pair the devices, you can change the name of your GoPro through the app.

Why is my GoPro frozen?

There are five reasons that your GoPro camera might freeze up. They include inexplicable glitches, old software, bad SD cards, overheating, and water damage. Here’s more about each reason your GoPro might stop responding. Camera Glitch: Sometimes electronics just glitch out – even good ones (like your GoPro).

How do I reset my GoPro to factory settings?

Press the [Mode button] repeatedly, until “RESET” is highlighted at the bottom of the list, then press the [Shutter button] to select. Press the [Mode button] to highlight “RESET,” then press the [Shutter button] to confirm and restore the camera to Factory Settings.

Which GoPro has longest battery life?

GoPro Hero 9 Black The Hero 9 camera is one of the most powerful GoPro models when it comes to battery life. It can be used for up to 2 hours before needing a charge. The 1720 mAh battery life makes this possible while also providing great quality when recording in 4K video.

Is the GoPro HD HERO2 a good camera?

The Bad As improved as it is, the Hero2’s interface can still be a bit confusing for the first-time user. The Bottom Line The GoPro HD Hero2 is easily the best GoPro camera yet, with the ruggedness and quality that we’ve come to expect and a new user-friendly interface.

What’s the difference between a GoPro HERO2 and a skeleton door?

The first is a sealed waterproof door that keeps the camera dry, even when submerged to a depth of 197 feet. The second door is a “skeleton door” with openings that sacrifice waterproofing for increased sound quality. The mounting options included in the box will depend on which HD Hero2 kit you pick up.

How can I tell if my GoPro HERO2 is in recording mode?

For starters the HD Hero2 uses larger, bolder icons for identifying the current recording mode. So tapping the selection button on the front of the unit fills the screen momentarily with a large icon for the newly selected mode that is easier to read with goggles on or at an arm’s length.

What are the FOV settings on GoPro HERO2?

Not all FOV settings available for Hero2 and Firmware update protocol requires an additional program download to your computer (GoPro Cineform Studio software). Besides 2x sharper lens feature, additional photo Modes, you will only get additional FOV video settings for 1080p even though specs shows additional settings for 720p.