How old is Kallis?

46 years (October 16, 1975)
Jacques Kallis/Age

How tall is Kallis?

1.8 m
Jacques Kallis/Height

Is Jacques Kallis the greatest of all time?

Widely regarded as one of the greatest allrounders of all time and as South Africa’s greatest batsman ever, he is a right-handed batsman and right-arm fast-medium swing bowler. Kallis played 166 Test matches and had a batting average of over 55 runs per innings.

Who is the greatest cricket all rounder?

List of top 10 best all rounder in the world of cricket

S.N Player Matches
1. Jacques Kallis 519
2. Sir Garry Sobers 94
3. Imran Khan 263
4. Ian Botham 218

What is the gender of Jacques Kallis?

Apparently Jacques Kallis is a “certified she-male” according to Mubashir Luqman (to be fair Luqman was making a point on not judging based on gender).

What is the age of Sachin?

48 years (April 24, 1973)
Sachin Tendulkar/Age

Who is Brian Lara wife?

Leasel Rovedas
Brian Lara/Wife

Who is the best all rounder in South Africa?

Jacques Kallis Kallis is undoubtedly one of the biggest superstars from South Africa, and arguably the greatest all-rounders of the modern game. The highest run-getter from the country in Tests, and the third-highest overall, Kallis was also a match-winner with the ball, picking up 292 wickets at an average of 32.65.

Was Kallis a good batsman?

Kallis was a brilliant batsman, a penetrative fast bowler and one of the safest slip fielders the game has ever seen. In an illustrious career spanning 19 years, he breached several statistical milestones and set the benchmark high for all-rounders.

Who is best fielder in world?

1. Ravindra Jadeja. Indian cricket is blessed with the presence of Ravindra Jadeja in the national team. The Saurashtra-based all-rounder is revered as the current best fielder in the world.

Who hit the longest six?

Shahid Afridi
The official record for the longest six in cricket history belongs to Australia’s Brett Lee, who crossed the rope by some 130-135 meters….Going, going, gone! The biggest six in cricket.

No. 1
Player Shahid Afridi
Team Pakistan
Distance (metres) 158m (unofficial)
Year 2013

How many times Sachin got out in 0?

Sachin Tendulkar, India : 91 innings In total, he got out for zero 14 times in his Test career.