How much is a WRX worth?

The 2021 Subaru WRX has a $27,495 starting price. That’s quite pricey for a compact car, though it is in league with other sporty compacts like the Volkswagen GTI. The high-performance WRX STI has a base MSRP of $37,245.

How reliable are 2011 WRX?

2011 Subaru WRX sti limited. It has been a super reliable car. Subarus usually get a bad name for being unreliable but mine has almost 100k without a single shop bill besides regular maintenance. The only problems I have had with it are for some reason my ac compressors keep going out.

What is the 2011 WRX called?

Subaru Impreza
Third generation (GE, GV, GH, GR; 2007)

Third generation (GE/GV/GH/GR)
Pre-facelift Subaru Impreza sedan
Also called Subaru Outback Sport Subaru Impresa B3 (Israel) Subaru Impreza Anesis
Production 2007–2011 2007–2014 (WRX)

Is WRX a sports car?

Neither the WRX nor STI are. They are sports compacts. They are souped up versions of econo cars. People defines Sport Car by how it looks and how fast it is: usually those aggressive, big wheels, 2 door, lowered cars.

What year WRX should I buy?

2004, along with 2005-2007 model years, are the best-regarded years for the WRX, Hagerty, and r/Cars sub-Reddit users report. 2006 (the ‘Hawkeye’ year) saw the Subaru WRX receive a 2.5-liter turbocharged four-cylinder, which made 300 hp in the STI, Hagerty reports.

Is the 2011 WRX Turbo?

Like last year, the WRX gets its power from a turbocharged 2.5 liter four-cylinder engine with 265 horsepower and 244 lb-ft of torque. Mated to a five-speed manual transmission and an all-wheel drive system, the combination returns 19 mpg city and 25 mpg highway.

Is WRX insurance expensive?

While the Subaru WRX is not the cheapest car to insure, it can still be affordable. For minimum liability coverage, the average annual insurance rate for a Subaru WRX is $481. Drivers needing full coverage insurance will pay more at an average $1,863 annual cost of insurance.

Are WRX fast?

How fast is the Subaru WRX? The 268 horsepower Subaru WRX will launch from 0-60 mph in 6.0 seconds….The Subaru WRX Is Faster From 0-60 MPH Than 10 New Sports Cars, Slower Than 3.

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