How much is a copper stripping machine?

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This item StripMeister Original Drill Powered Automatic Wire Stripper Machine for Stripping Scrap Copper Wire From #18 Gauge to 250MCM Including Romex Includes Ultra Long Lasting Blade Made From Heat Treated Tool Steel
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How do you strip large amounts of copper wire?

Five Ways to Strip Copper Wire

  1. Burn the insulation off in a fire.
  2. Remove the insulation with a sharp knife.
  3. Strip the insulation with a homemade gadget.
  4. Cleaning wire with a manual wire stripping machine.
  5. Strip that wire and build your scrap metal business with a StripMeister Original Automatic Wire Stripping Machine!

Can you burn copper wire to strip it?

NO BURNING: First and foremost, we would like to reiterate that you should NEVER under any circumstances “burn” your copper wire to remove the insulation. Not only does it harm the environment from the fumes, but it will downgrade your copper at the scrap yard.

How do you strip copper wire without burning it?

There are other ways that you can make stripping your wire easier without burning it. Using heat is an option, but not the concentrated heat that burning would create. Instead, place the insulation in a black box and use the sun or a low temperature oven to heat and soften the insulation to make it more malleable.

What copper wire is worth stripping?

Bare Bright Copper aka Millberry: The most valuable type of scrap copper wire is bare bright copper. This uncoated and unalloyed copper is stripped of insulation, paint, and other impurities, making it easy to reuse or recycle. As such, it is usually the first thing that scrap buyers look for.