How much is a 2000 Acura Integra GSR worth?

2000 Acura Integra trade-in prices range from $321 – $3,757. Get a more accurate value for your car with the Edmunds appraisal tool.

What does GSR mean Integra?

The GSR (GS-R), which means ‘Grand Sport Racing, is very different from all of the ones mentioned above. This type has all the features and more. Most significantly, it has a B18C1 DOHC VTEC engine, which generates 170 hp at 8000 rpm. It is a truly more powerful beast compared to the other Integras.

How much HP does GSR have?

The GSR’s 170- horsepower came in the form of a B18C1, DOHC VTEC power-plant. The sedan was equipped with four- wheel disc brakes and a close ratio 5-speed transmission, giving it a sports-car feel.

How much is a Acura GSR?

Acura Integra

TRIM MSRP 5-Year Cost to Own / Rating
GS Coupe $21,050 Coming Soon / N.A.
GS Sedan $21,600 Coming Soon / N.A.
GS-R Coupe $22,300 Coming Soon / N.A.
GS-R Sedan $22,600 Coming Soon / N.A.

What is an Integra GSR worth?

Luckily the lowly GS-R is still a reasonable $9,000 but that’s still a lot of money for a 20-year-old Honda. As cars from the 1990s begin to creep up in value it’s time to hedge your bets. The Integra is a good car and a great buy.

How much does a 2000 Acura Integra cost?

Integra Trims

Hatchback Original MSRP / Price Drive
Integra 3dr Sport Cpe GS Auto $21,750 / $19,608 FWD
Integra 3dr Sport Cpe GS Manual $20,950 / $18,888 FWD
Integra 3dr Sport Cpe GS-R Manual $22,200 / $20,013 FWD
Integra 3dr Sport Cpe LS Auto $20,100 / $18,123 FWD

What does GS-R stand for?


Acronym Definition
GSR General Service Representative
GSR Graduate Student Researcher
GSR Gun Shot Residue (forensics)
GSR Gold-Silver Ratio

What engine came in the Integra GS-R?

B18C1 DOHC VTEC engine
GS-R: Grand Sport Racing, was available in both hatchback and sedan. Equipped with the B18C1 DOHC VTEC engine outputting 170 hp (127 kW; 172 PS) and 128 lb⋅ft (174 N⋅m) of torque.

Does B18C have VTEC?

B18C Type R is the sport version of the B18 line developed for Honda Integra Type R. It is equipped with a new intake manifold and VTEC system that engages at 5,8000 RPM with redline marks at 8,300 RPM. B18C engines can produce 197 hp of power, 131 lb-ft of torque, and a higher compression ratio of 11.1.

How much horsepower does a B18C GSR have?

Later models have minor upgrades including modifications to the intake valves and ports and piston tops, along with individual cylinder oil injectors (B18C models). They produce between 126 hp (94 kW; 128 PS) and 190 hp (142 kW; 193 PS), with some models capable of a redline over 8500 RPM.

How Much Will 2022 Integra cost?

The new reborn Integra will be an all-new model for 2023 with production due to start in 2022. Expect a price tag of around $35,000..

How much will the 2022 Integra Type R cost?

Honda hasn’t said how much the 2022 Civic Type R will cost, but we expect it’ll start just under $40,000 when it goes on sale.

How much does an Acura Integra GSR cost?

For sale is a 97 Acura Integra Gsr. Asking $3500 Or Best Offer. Inspected until 04/18. New clutch with slave and master cylinder within the last 25,000 miles.

What kind of engine does an Acura GS-R have?

The GS-R model is equipped with a 1.8 liter VTEC (variable valve timing) engine which is capable of 170 Horse power. The GS-R was known as the performance model of the Integra other than the extremely rare TYPE R [1] which is even better. The GS-R was a desired car by many because it was fun to drive yet also was a good daily driver.

What kind of brakes do Acura Integra GS-R have?

The 1994 Acura Integra GS-R has ventilated disk front brakes and servo-assisted anti-lock braking rear brakes. There is a large steel front strut tower brace, as well as sway bars in the front and rear.

When did the Acura Integra third generation come out?

When they were introduced in 1994, the third-generation Integras became instantly popular with the yuppies of the day. Here was a uniquely styled car with a premium badge, it was quick, fun to drive, and featured very-important-at-the-time Honda reliability.