How much is a 1986 Mustang GT worth?

1986 Ford Mustang Retail Prices

Trim MSRP CarGurus Instant Market Value
GT Convertible RWD $14,794 N/A
SVO Hatchback RWD $15,660 $14,741
GT Coupe RWD $10,941 $37,597
LX Coupe RWD $7,669 N/A

What is the rarest Fox-Body Mustang?

Perhaps the most notable of all, though, is this foxy red 1993 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R coupe, which sold for $132,000, making it the most expensive Fox-body Mustang ever sold at auction.

How much horsepower does a 1986 Mustang 5.0 have?

1986 Mustang Specs

Engine HP Torque
3.8L V6 120 hp @ 3,600 RPM 205 [email protected] 1,600 RPM
5.0L V8 EFI 200 hp @ 4,000 RPM 285 lb-ft @ 3,000 RPM
5.0L V8 4V 210 hp @ 4,600 RPM 265 lb-ft @ 3,400 RPM
2.3L 4-cyl (SVO) 175 hp @ 4,400 RPM 210 lb-ft @ 3,000 RPM

Is the Fox-body the best Mustang?

The Fox-body Ford Mustang is an absolute muscle car icon, though it’s hated by just as many as those who love it. But the Fox-body that sticks out to us the most, as the best, is the 1993 SVT Cobra—the last model year of the style, and one of the most important Mustangs ever made.

How much is a 85 Mustang GT worth?

Data based on 39 auction sales. note: The images shown are representations of the 1985 Ford Mustang and not necessarily vehicles that have been bought or sold at auction….Ford Models.

Bodystyles Median Sale
Convertible $7,850
GT Convertible $2,500
GT Hatchback Coupe $8,350
Notchback Coupe $6,500

How much is a 1985 Ford Mustang GT?

1985 Ford Mustang Retail Prices

Trim MSRP Invoice
GT Coupe RWD $14,333 N/A
SVO Hatchback RWD $15,269 N/A
GT Convertible $10,633 N/A
LX Convertible $12,733 N/A

What is the rarest Mustang ever made?

Rarity & Significance as a Shelby American G.T. #0139 isn’t just the rarest Ford Mustang or Shelby G.T. This convertible is undeniably the world’s rarest production automobile. The only 1967 Shelby G.T. convertible ordered, serialized and built.

What was the best year for Mustangs?

These are the greatest Mustang model years, ranked.

  • 10 1965 Shelby GT350. Via Fordauthority.
  • 9 1967 Shelby GT500. Via Motortrend.
  • 8 1968 Ford Mustang California Special.
  • 7 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429.
  • 6 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1.
  • 5 2000 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R.
  • 4 2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca.
  • 3 2016 Shelby GT350.

Is 1986 Mustang Fuel Injected?

When Ford introduced the 1986 Mustang GT with its fuel-injected 5.0 HO V-8, it marked a watershed moment in American performance.

Why are Fox body Mustangs so expensive?

One of the main reasons for the rise in the prices of certain models is nostalgia. Guys that lusted over some car back in the high school are now successful businessmen, lawyers, and doctors and desperate to recreate that teenage excitement. For the generation that grew up in the late ’80s, the Foxbody is that car.

Why is the Mustang called a Foxbody?

Why is it called a Fox Body? But, it’s called a Fox Body because it’s on the Ford Fox platform. Ford designed the Fox platform as a unibody chassis and used it across a wide range of Ford/Lincoln/Mercury vehicles. Ford’s main objective with the Fox platform was to downsize the massive cars they made in the ’70s.