How much does it cost to turbo an S2000?

To get the best S2000 turbo build, we expect the total cost to be between $12,000 to $15,000. Doing this will allow you to plan and purchase all your modifications at the same time, making sure you don’t run into any compatibility issues.

Can you put a 2jz in a Honda S2000?

There’s more to all of this than a Supra’s inline-six stuffed into a Honda, though. There has to be if 1,250 hp is the goal….Ditching the S2000’s already capable F-series for the 2JZ.

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Power: 1,250 hp; 900 lb-ft of torque

How fast is a turbo S2000?

For a factory Honda S2000, the answer is a big “No!” With 237 hp of max output derived from its 2.2-liter VTEC four-cylinder engine, an S2000 can sprint from nil to 60 mph in 5.4 seconds and reach a top speed of around 149 mph.

Is Honda making another S2000?

However, against all odds, Honda is said to be making a second-generation version. According to a report in Forbes citing “a source close to Honda,” the Japanese manufacturer’s marketing people are “seriously considering” a return for the S2000 in 2024.

What is the fastest S2000?

The world’s fastest Honda S2000 has set a new world record by completing the quarter mile in just 6.9 seconds at 186MPH. The heavily modified car was built by Real Street Performance on a stock S2000 chassis and features a turbocharged F22C engine that was built by Inline-Pro.

Why was the S2000 discontinued?

But while its Japanese rival remained in production until today, the S2000 was discontinued in 2009 due to slow sales, and plans for a successor were scrapped due to the financial crisis.

What is a supra car?

The Toyota Supra (Japanese: トヨタ・スープラ, Hepburn: Toyota Sūpura) is a sports car and grand tourer manufactured by Toyota Motor Corporation beginning in 1978. The initial four generations of the Supra were produced from 1978 to 2002. The fifth generation has been produced since March 2019 and went on sale in May 2019.

How long do S2000 engines last?

When well cared for, a Honda S2000 engine can last well into the 200,000-mile range. There are a few examples of S2000s with over 300,000 miles, as well.

Whats the fastest S2000?

199.6 MPH
The world’s fastest Honda S2000 (in the half-mile, that is) happens to be a car that also gets driven on the street – if this is the kind of info that makes you want to know more about the Japanese toy, you’ve come to the right place.

How many Honda S2000 are left?

2021 2016
HONDA S2000 3.7k 4.2k
HONDA S2000 GT 1.2k 1.4k

Is the Honda S2000 a collectible?

The Honda S2000 has a cult-like following and has become quite the collectible little car. It’s for a good reason as the rev-happy front-engined, rear-wheel-drive roadster is still sadly missing from Honda’s lineup after its ten-year production run from 1999 to 2009.

Which is the best turbo kit for a Honda S2000?

PTuning has one of the best turbocharger kits you could possibly choose for your Honda S2000, especially if high power is what you’re looking for. To satisfy the speed fanatic in you, they’ve pieced together a spectacular kit that doesn’t compromise on drivability.

Which is the best starter kit for a Honda S2000?

All in all, a great starter kit for daily and spirited driving with the occasional track visit thrown in. PTuning has one of the best turbocharger kits you could possibly choose for your Honda S2000, especially if high power is what you’re looking for.

How much horsepower does a Honda S2000 have?

The Honda S2000 can handle up to 400+ whp on stock internals and with the right tuning, quality S2000 specific motor oil and spark plugs you can push it to 600 whp. Anything more than this is going to need some internal engine modifications.

Why do you need a supercharger on a Honda S2000?

Supercharging your Honda S2000 has a number of perks. The torque delivery is linear, smooth and the power builds up very similarly to the way a stock S2000 does. This is one of the main reasons why many owners opt for a supercharger. Superchargers rely on your engine’s crankshaft to generate power.