How much does it cost to hunt caribou in Alaska?

Hunt Pricing and Information

Alaska Range: April
(if additional animals taken)
* Grizzly $5,000
* Caribou $4,000
* Wolf $2,500

Where is the best caribou hunting in Alaska?

Northwest Alaska is home to the largest herd of Barren Ground Caribou, called the Western Arctic Herd, with a population of approximately 225,000 animals. Barren Ground Caribou hunting has never been better! Alaska Wilderness Charters & Guiding is the premier guiding operation in northwest Alaska.

How expensive is an Alaskan caribou hunt for out of state?

Non-Resident License & Tag Fees – For most Alaska caribou hunts, non-residents should plan for a $160 annual hunting license fee (must be purchased in advance for making a “Draw” entry in Nov/Dec as well), and a $650 caribou harvest tag fee.

Can a non resident hunt caribou in Alaska?

Nonresident Aliens: A nonresident alien must be personally accompanied by an Alaska-licensed guide to hunt ANY big game animal, including black bear, brown/grizzly bear, bison, caribou, Dall sheep, deer, elk, moose, mountain goat, muskox, wolf and wolverine.

What does caribou meat taste like?

Caribou is closely related to the reindeer. Its meat is finely grained and resembles veal or antelope in flavor and texture. Cervena is less gamey than domestic venison, but still richer in flavor than traditional red meats. Elk is the second largest member of the deer family.

How many caribou can you harvest in Alaska?

two caribou
The harvest limit for the federal subsistence hunt is two caribou. That limit applies to the entire regulatory year and is not additive to other federal or state hunts.

How many pounds of meat do you get from a caribou?

Weights of adult bulls average 350 – 400 lbs (159 – 182 kg). Mature females average 175 – 225 lbs (80 – 120 kg). The dressed weight of a 400-lb (181-kg) caribou is about 240 (109 kg) lbs. This equates to about 100 lbs (45 kg) of meat.

What does caribou taste like?

Caribou. Though raised more wild than some other game meats, caribou has a very mild flavour, far less gamey than deer. Lake House chef Thomas Neukom says many people expect more of a game flavour and are surprised when they taste it for the first time.

How much is a non resident caribou tag in Alaska?

Licenses, Stamps, and Tags

Nonresident Tags: Do I need a guide? Nonresident
Nonresident Caribou $650.00
Nonresident Deer $300.00
Nonresident Elk $600.00
Nonresident Goat Yes $600.00

Are caribou hard to hunt?

The actual task of hunting a caribou is not that hard. Instead, the challenge of pursuing these animals is reaching an area that holds caribou and then trying to maintain your comfort and sanity when faced with everything that Arctic and sub-Arctic environments can throw your way.

How many caribou can you hunt in Alaska?

five caribou
Yet current state regulations still offer bag limits of five caribou per day for residents, with no-closed-season on bulls, and an 8.5-month cow season for Alaska residents.

Is caribou healthy to eat?

Yes! Caribou is safe to eat. It is also one of the healthiest foods available. The benefits of consuming caribou are much greater than the risks of contaminant exposure.

Where can I find a caribou hunt in Alaska?

Read more about the Fortymile caribou herd. Many times when a hunter is on an Alaskan self guided Fortymile caribou hunt with Tok Air Service, they will be hunting on Federal National Park Service land within the Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve.

Are there any bear hunts in Tok Alaska?

Tok Air Service offers high quality do-it-yourself hunts in wild areas with opportunities to harvest trophy Moose, Caribou, Sheep and Grizzly Bear. Grizzly Bear: Spring and Fall Grizzly.

Who are the Tok Air Service hunting guides?

We specialize in drop-off hunts for monster sheep, trophy moose and book caribou. Check out our sheep/caribou and caribou/moose combo hunts. As a successful licensed assistant hunting guide, Zack Knaebel of Tok Air Service, LLC has gained valuable knowledge guiding big game hunters.

Are there any caribou in the Yukon Territory?

Although they are called reindeer in Europe, only domesticated caribou are called reindeer in Alaska and Canada. Caribou in Alaska are distributed in 32 herds (or populations) totaling approximately 950,000 animals. This includes in herds shared with Canada’s Yukon Territory.