How much does Birdman grill cost?

Wayne’s $150,000 smile has become such a normal part of his image—just like those eyelid tattoos—that sometimes it’s easy to forget how much money he spent on his grill. But Wayne’s just stuntin’ like his daddy: Birdman dropped $500,000 on his grill, too.

What rapper has the most expensive grill?

Quavo enlisted celebrity jeweler Johnny Dang for the pricey project, and Johnny tells us it’s the most expensive pair of grillz he’s ever made!!! Here’s what a quarter million dollars gets ya 125 flawless baguette cut diamonds — 17.5-carats each — settled in 18-karat white gold with an invisible diamond set.

How much does Lil Wayne’s grill cost?

The verdict is still out on whether the rapper has dental implants or a grill. Although we don’t have information on how many carats of diamonds are on his teeth, he reportedly paid $150,000 for the sparkle. This post is sponsored by Naperville implant dentist and board-certified prosthodontist Dr. Anthony LaVacca.

Is Birdman’s teeth real?

The Cash Money CEO removed his long-time gold grill the other day and replaced them with a brand new set of diamond-encrusted veneers. According to reports online, the new veneers cost in the ballpark of $100,000 and they all feature a perfect circle in the middle of each tooth, while donning a diamond in it.

How much did Kevin Gates teeth cost?

How much did Kevin Gates spend on his grill? Gates proved to the world that his $14,000 diamond grill was real by posting a picture of a diamond tester.

What is on Lil Waynes teeth?

“He probably has a bad tooth, a tooth that’s abscessed,” Dr. Rudd explained to MTV News on Wednesday (February 10). “With having all of [gold and diamond material] in his mouth, it’s going to be really difficult to get clean because of all of the different crevices.

How much does Quavo grill cost?

Not one to shy away from showcasing his extravagant accessories, Migos member Quavo has just taken to his personal social media account to flex his latest acquirement: a $250,000 USD diamond grill.

How much is Kevin Gates grill worth?

Gates proved to the world that his $14,000 diamond grill was real by posting a picture of a diamond tester.

How much is Kodak black grill worth?

The insane grill is said to be worth upwards of $150,000. Kodak Black has OFFICIALLY raised the bar for young rappers these days.

What’s up with Lil Wayne’s teeth?

Lil Wayne underwent a massive dental operation last week, postponing the rapper’s sentencing on an attempted-gun-possession charge until early March. The surgery was reported to have included eight root canals and other work on his gold- and diamond-encrusted teeth, which he claims are worth $150,000.

Is NBA YoungBoy Grill permanent?

#nbayoungboy is going for a new look! Louisiana rapper NBA YoungBoy is switching it up big time. A new video shows him getting a major procedure done to his mouth. The Never Broke Again hip-hop star had his permanent diamond teeth removed with a laser and is going for a new look.