How much do musk turtles cost?

The average Musk Turtle costs anywhere from $20 to $70, which is a low price compared to other reptiles. The main cost comes from setting up their enclosure, which requires a lot of enhancements.

Where can you get musk turtles?

Common musk turtles have a wide geographic range in eastern North America. They can be found from Florida to Ontario, and west to Texas and Wisconsin. They are found in both slow-flowing sections of stream and river habitats, as well as lakes and ponds.

Can I own a common musk turtle?

Choosing Your Common Musk Turtle In the United States, there is a law that prohibits sales of turtles with a carapace under 4 inches. This means you will not find a hatchling Stinkpot through most breeders. It is usually better to go to a small-scale specialist breeder rather than just a general pet store.

What time of year do musk turtles hatch?

Musk turtles have an extended breeding season that can last from April to October in New England. The season peaks in April/May and again in September/October. Breeding takes place underwater. Eggs, 1 to 9, are laid in a shallow nest near the water.

How big is a newborn box turtle?

Once mature, a female box turtle will lay between 3 and 6 eggs each spring in a shallow nest which hatch in late summer or early fall. Hatchling box turtles measure only 1.25 inches (3 cm) in length. Miscellaneous: Eastern box turtles are declining over much of their range.

Are musk turtles illegal?

In the United States, there is a law that makes it illegal to buy or sell pet turtles whose carapace (upper shells) lengths are less than four inches (10 cm). For example, there are adult male Southern Painted Turtles or Common Musk Turtles who never reach four inches in length.

What turtles stay tiny forever?

The 12 Pet Turtles That Stay Small

  • Red Eared Slider Turtle.
  • Spotted Turtles.
  • Mud Turtles.
  • Musk Turtle.
  • Reeve’s Turtle.
  • Bog Turtle.
  • The Desert Box.
  • Florida Softshell Turtle.

How can you tell the age of a musk turtle?

You want to count rings on the turtle’s scutes to help determine age. The scutes are the scales that cover the turtle’s shell. Keep in mind, this method only gives you a very rough estimate, as rings often develop in periods of feast and famine for turtles.

How deep should the water be for a musk turtle?

Chlorine free water depth should be around 10 inches in the shallow end and 24 inches deep in the deep end for adults and 3 to 4 inches deep for hatchlings. Musk turtles enjoy a mild current in the water which can be created using strong filters or water jets.

Do musk turtles bask?

As mentioned, common musk turtles do not always emerge from the water to bask, but a basking light is still essential for captive turtle health; position it above the spot the turtle would bask should it choose to do so. A submersible heater should be used to maintain water temperature at 72 to 78 degrees.

What is a common musk turtle?

Common Musk Turtle (Sternotherus odoratus) The common musk turtle is a member of the family Kinosternidae. It has a blackish-brown carapace that is highly domed with a vertebral keel. The keel tends to flatten out in adults, but is very prominent in hatchlings and juveniles. The plastron is reduced in size.

What does a musk turtle habitat?

Common Musk Turtle Natural Habitat They usually dwell in shallow waters of ponds and stream. They are slow walkers and poor at swimming; therefore, choose shallow waters with low-current, marshes, soft organic bottoms, and vegetation. They are also found in wetlands with coarse wood logs and fallen trees.

What is a musk turtle?

musk turtle. noun. any of several aquatic turtles of the genus Sternotherus, of North America, which, when disturbed, emit a musky secretion.