How many seasons of Catterick are there?

Catterick (TV series)

Starring Vic Reeves Bob Mortimer Matt Lucas Reece Shearsmith Morwenna Banks Mark Benton Tim Healy Charlie Higson
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of series 1
No. of episodes 6

Where was Catterick filmed?

Though part of the sitcom focuses on the region, CHX Productions, which is making the series for the BBC, said last night that none of the scenes had been filmed in North Yorkshire. A spokeswoman said: “There is not a big budget so we could not go up there. It’s mainly filmed around the M25.”

Who is Bob Mortimers wife?

Lisa Matthewsm. 2015
Bob Mortimer/Wife

Mortimer married his partner of 22 years, Lisa Matthews, in October 2015, 30 minutes prior to receiving his heart surgery (after getting permission from the registrar to move the date forward). The couple have two sons, Harry and Tom.

Who is based at Catterick Garrison?

Garrison facilities at Catterick Garrison It serves as a base for the 4th Mechanized Brigade, also known as The Black Rats, which forms part of the 3rd (UK) Mechanized Division. The garrison provides facilities for all the units under the 4th Mechanized Brigade including the Signal Squadron.

Who played the fishmonger in car share?

Reece Shearsmith
In episode 3 of series 1 two members of Halfords staff in their gold and black uniforms can be seen in the unloading bay as John and Kayleigh drop off their colleague “Stink” Ray (Reece Shearsmith) the fishmonger.

What shops are in Catterick?

Clothes Shops in Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire

  • F & F Clothing. Tesco, Richmondshire Walk, Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire, DL9 3EN.
  • Next.
  • Pulse Menswear.
  • Grants Gym Supplement Shop.
  • Hodges & Co.
  • Barber Shop.
  • Eastern District Tailors.
  • Catterick Garrison Thrift Shop.

Why did Paul Whitehouse divorce?

And although the show has less fish and more, as Paul puts it ‘a lot of talking nonsense’ , the show has unearthed little known facts about the star’s personal life. Paul, 63, divorced his wife after something of a ‘mid life crisis’ in early 2000s and got together with 41-year-old academic Mine Conkbayir ever since.

Is Ted Bob Mortimer’s dog?

Ted from Gone Fishing Paul Whitehouse and Bob Mortimer’s soothing BBC Two travelogue might purport to be about fishing, but it’is really just an excuse for two twinkly old pals to have a hilarious yet heartwarming natter. The wader-clad duo are sometimes accompanied by scruffy rescue dog Ted, a Patterdale terrier.

What is the biggest army base in the UK?

Catterick Garrison
Catterick Garrison is a major garrison and military town 3 miles (5 km) south of Richmond, North Yorkshire, England. It is the largest British Army garrison in the world, with a population of around 13,000 in 2017 and covering over 2,400 acres (about 10 km2).

What regiments train Catterick?

Gurkha Company at ITC Catterick is part of the 2nd Infantry Training Battalion. It addresses a range of areas; Brigade ethos, language training, cultural training, career management and trade selection, as well as the same 26-week Combat Infantryman’s Course that the Line Infantry receive.

Who is stinky Ray in car share?

Who are the actors in the TV show Catterick?

Catterick (TV series) Catterick, aka Vic and Bob in Catterick, is a surreal 2004 BBC situation comedy in 6 episodes, written by and starring Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer, with Reece Shearsmith, Matt Lucas, Morwenna Banks, Tim Healy, Mark Benton and Charlie Higson. The series was originally broadcast on BBC Three and later rerun on BBC Two.

Who is Carl’s brother in the TV show Catterick?

Chris Palmer: Played by Vic, Chris is Carl’s younger brother, and has a big woolly beard. He lives alone in their late mum’s house, with only a turkey in a box for company. He had a George Clooney poster, but he ripped it in half, much to Carl’s disgust.

Where is Catterick in the north of England?

Catterick: is situated West of Middlesbrough about 40 miles north of York. Ranked #1 for local attractions on Trip Advisor, several reviews remark on the high quality of food and in general the reasonable cost of drinks. That sounds like a great combination! All facilities are close together making access easier for all.

Is the Catterick track a good racing course?

Catterick is a very sharp track and can be a great course for horses who like to lead on the both the flat and national hunt courses but look out in particular for those horses who like to push from the front over fences. If you are going racing at Catterick today then why not download the OLBG app for all the latest tips at the course.