How many days do you need in Avignon?

With three days in Avignon, you’ll have enough time to visit the city’s myriad medieval attractions and also experience its surrounding countryside, including lavender fields, Rhône Valley vineyards, and the landscapes that inspired Van Gogh. Here is an itinerary to maximize your time in the region.

How do I spend a day in Avignon?

  1. Enjoy breakfast at Maison Violette.
  2. Visit the Palais des Papes.
  3. Wander along the Pont d’Avignon (or at least admire it from afar)
  4. Pick up Lunch Supplies at Les Halles d’Avignon.
  5. Enjoy your food at Parc Rocher des Doms.
  6. Go in search of Hidden Gems of Avignon.
  7. Caffeinate at Café Tulipe.
  8. Enjoy dinner in Avignon.

Is it better to stay in Avignon or Aix en Provence?

Some travelers choose Avignon for their stay because of the Palais des Papes, the bridge, and the Rhone river, while others prefer Aix for the city’s charm and great attention to detail and beauty (including at night), its restaurants, and the liveliness of its people. Avignon has more significant traffic than Aix.

Should I stay in Avignon or Arles?

Arles is charming while Avignon is a beautiful city. Travelers generally feel both cities are worth visiting, and each can easily be visited from the other in one day. Avignon has more restaurant options, better shopping, and more to see than Arles, e.g. the Palais des Papes at night.

What should I buy in Avignon?

Souvenirs. Local specialities include olive oil, lavender, brightly printed fabrics, sugared fruits, chocolate and fig or melon jam. Take home a taste of Avignon with some Papalines d’Avignon liqueur chocolates, or famous wines of the region such as Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

Are there lavender fields in Avignon?

The main lavender fields of Provence are centered on, and to the north, of the Luberon and Verdon plateau regions to the north of Aix-en-Provence and Marseille, and to the east of Avignon, with the flowering season in the lowlands being generally from mid June to mid July, though it can vary slightly from year to year …

Is Avignon a safe city?

In general, Avignon is a safe destination, like many other parts of Provence. Burglary and petty theft just seem to be the major problems- especially in areas that tourists do frequent- but assault is uncommon.

Which is better Avignon or Aix en Provence?

Aix is less centrally located for visiting the popular towns of Provence, but it has warmer Provencal charm and lively university life. Avignon has better transportation and more cultural events, but Aix is alive all year.

Is Avignon worth visiting?

Avignon remains one of France’s most fascinating and historic towns and is definitely worth visiting. It is a lively place full of culture and history for the prepared and unprepared tourists. Avignon’s monuments and other tourist spots are just as magnificent as you have seen on YouTube.

Is Avignon a nice place to live?

Avignon, in the south of France, enjoys a good reputation among wealthy retirees, but its buzzing and modern centre also attracts professionals and their families. It’s easy to see why this region is so desirable for expats. The Mediterranean climate ensures year-round warmth and sunshine.

Can you drink tap water in Avignon?

Can You Drink Tap Water in Avignon? No, tap water is not drinkable. The city of Avignon is the main tourist destination in Southern France. It is very popular for its beaches, art museums, and many other tourist attractions.