How many carbs are in Oreo ice cream?


Typical Values 100g %*(55ml/32g)
Carbohydrate 44g 6%
of which Sugars 25g 9%
Fibre 1.0g
Protein 5.7g 4%

What are the nutritional facts for Oreos?

Amount/Serving %DV* Amount/Serving
Total Fat 3.3g 5% Tot. Carb. 12.1g
Sat. Fat 0.9g 5% Dietary Fiber 0.4g
Trans Fat 0g Sugars 6.6g
Cholesterol 0mg 0% Protein 0.7g

What is the nutritional value of ice?

Because ice has zero calories and that eating ice burns calories, we can safely calculate ice to have a negative calorie count (0–140=-140). Eating one quart of ice equals negative calorie intake; therefore, ice is a negative calorie food.

How many calories are in an Oreo ice cream cake?

Creamy vanilla ice cream with Oreo cookie pieces topped with whipped icing. Serves up to 12. Keep frozen until ready to use. Defrost in the refrigerator for 15 minutes before serving….Oreo Premium Ice Cream Cake.

Calories 290
Calories from Fat 130

How many calories are in an Oreo Cornetto?


Amount Per Portion
Calories 249kCal
Fat 12.8g
Saturated Fat 7.7g
Total Carbohydrate 30.5g

How many calories is a golden Oreo?

Nabisco Oreo Golden Sandwich Cookies Family Size

Calories 170
Calories from Fat 0

How many calories are in 1 Oreo?

Based on the information Kraft provided, I figure a regular “Original” Oreo has roughly 53 calories (three cookies have 160) and a “Double Stuf” Oreo has 70 (two cookies have 140 calories).

Is eating ice good for losing weight?

Eating ice actually burns calories because it requires energy for the body to melt the cube. One curious doctor suggests this can be used as a legitimate weight-loss tool.

Does ice make u fat?

Does drinking cold water make you gain weight? Cold, ice-cold or room temperature, no water can make you gain weight, she asserts. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism says that drinking cold water can actually help you to lose weight, she informs in the post caption.

How many carbs does an Oreo cake have?

Ingredients and Nutritional Information

Amount/Serving %DV* Amount/Serving
Total Fat 15.1g 19% Tot. Carb. 32.7g
Sat. Fat 7.8g 39% Dietary Fiber 0g
Trans Fat 0g Sugars 20.7g
Cholesterol 23.7mg 8% Protein 2.7g

How many calories are in a slice of ice cream cake?

Region: US

Serving Ingredient Calories
1 oz chocolate cake 110
2.5 oz vanilla ice cream 147

How many calories in Golden Oreo?

There are 170 calories in a 3 cookies serving of Oreo Golden. Calorie breakdown: 38% fat, 60% carbs, 2% protein.

How many calories are in 3 Oreo cookies?

Nutrition summary: There are 170 calories in a 3 cookies serving of Oreo Golden. Calorie breakdown: 38% fat, 60% carbs, 2% protein.

How many calories in a double Stuff Oreo?

There are 150 calories in a 2 cookies serving of Oreo Golden Double Stuf. Calorie breakdown: 42% fat, 56% carbs, 1% protein.