How long is the hike from Myrdal to Flåm?

about 13 miles
The route is about 13 miles long and starts just over the tracks from Myrdal station. This is the highest point of the walk, at 866.8 metres, and it goes all the way down to sea level at Flåm.

Is Flåm worth visiting?

Flam is probably one of the most visited fjord destinations in Norway. Not only it’s a popular stop for Norwegian cruises, but it’s also an important element of a very popular formula – Norway in a Nutshell. We visited Flam by car, as part of our two-week Norway road trip.

How much is the train from Oslo to Flåm?

Ticket price from: 176 USD for an economy class seat (when booking in advance). Seat reservation: you will be assigned a specific seat after booking a Oslo – Flam ticket.

How do you get from Bergen to Flåm?

The best way to get from Bergen to Flåm involves taking the famous Flåm Railway. Taking the train offers a unique way to travel the country of Norway and has picturesque scenery. You can also rent a car or hire a private transfer and drive or take the passenger ferry that will give you views from sea-level.

Can you walk from Myrdal to Flam?

This long, but fairly easy going walk follows a spectacular route shadowing the famous Flamsbana Railway down the valley past waterfalls, grazing sheep and gushing streams. A train journey on the scenic Bergen railway takes you to the village of Myrdal this morning.

What is there to do in Flam in winter?

Best Things To Do In Flam Norway In Winter

  1. Historic Flam Railway – Flamsbana.
  2. Norwegian Fjord Cruise Through Naeroyfjord and Aurlandsfjord.
  3. Snowshoe Hike To The Stegastein Viewpoint.
  4. Wander The Sleepy Village Of Undredal.
  5. Take a Fjord RIB Boat Safari.
  6. Explore The Local History At The Flam Railway Museum.

How do you get to Flam Norway?

By Plane and Car

  1. The drive from Oslo (Gardermoen Airport) to Flåm takes about 5 hours.
  2. The drive from Bergen (Flesland Airport) to Flåm will take you about 2.5 hours.
  3. The drive from the Sogndal Airport to Flåm takes about 1.5 hours including a short ferry crossing.

How much is a ticket on the Flam Railway?

Fares – The Flam Railway 2021

Valid period Category One way
01.05-30.09 Ordinary adult ticket NOK 430
Ordinary child ticket 6-17 years NOK 215
01.10-31.12 Ordinary adult ticket NOK 370
Ordinary child ticket 6-17 years NOK 185

How do I get to Flam?

The fastest way to get to Flåm is a 55-minute flight from Oslo Airport (OSL) to Sogndal Airport, Haukåsen (SOG). From the Sogndal Airport, you’ll have to hire a private transfer or take a bus to complete the remaining 43-mile (70 km) trip to Flåm.

Where in Norway is Stavanger?


Stavanger kommune
Country Norway
Municipality Stavanger
County Rogaland
District Jæren

How much does it cost to go on the Flam Railway?

Tickets for adults are around $67, while tickets for children cost $25. A ticket for a dog costs nearly $47, so it might be best to leave Fido home. You can also buy tickets once you’re in Flåm or Mydral, but there’s no guarantee you’ll get the time you want.

How long is the Flam Railway trip?

20 km-
The Flam Railway (Flåmsbana) is a spectacular train journey that offers a panoramic view of some of the wildest and most magnificent nature in the Norwegian fjord landscape. The 20 km-long train ride took 20 years and is one of the steepest standard gauge railway lines in the world.

Which is the fastest train from Flam to Myrdal?

Trains on the Flam – Myrdal railway are NSB trains. There are several daily departures from the station in Flam and arriving at the station in Myrdal. The fastest journey takes about 55 minutes depending on the Flam – Myrdal train you choose.

Is the Myrdal to Flam ticket non refundable?

When booking your Myrdal to Flåm train ticket, you’ll notice there is one general travel fare available: Cancellations are allowed up to the departure date (a penalty fee applies). Tickets are non-refundable after the departure date.

Which is the longest tunnel from Flam to Myrdal?

As the train emerges from Flåm Railway’s longest tunnel – the 1,320-metre Nåli tunnel – a wonderful view opens up of the line ahead on four ledges up to Myrdal Station. You can also see the old transport route that winds its way up the steep Myrdal mountain in 21 hairpin bends.