How long is a tentative map Good For In California?

24 months
(a) (1) An approved or conditionally approved tentative map shall expire 24 months after its approval or conditional approval, or after any additional period of time as may be prescribed by local ordinance, not to exceed an additional 12 months.

How long is a tentative maps approval good for?

An approved or conditionally approved tentative tract map or tentative parcel map shall expire twenty-four (24) months after the date of its approval or conditional approval.

Who can prepare a tentative map in California?

no lot shall be designed with frontages on two streets. Who can prepare a Tentative Map? A Tentative Map can only be prepared under the direction of a Licensed Land Surveyor or registered Civil Engineer.

What is a tentative tract map?

A Tentative Tract Map (TT) is one process used to subdivide real property into smaller lots. Generally, a TT Map is used to create five or more lots. The subdivision design and necessary improvements related to roads, curb, gutter, sewer, water, and drainage are addressed during the processing of the application.

What is the longest time with extensions a developer can have to file a final map after receiving tentative map approval?

The extensions shall not extend the tentative map more than 10 years from its approval or conditional approval.

What is the California subdivision map Act?

The Subdivision Map Act is a comprehensive, statewide statute governing the subdivision of land in California. The Map Act prohibits the sale, lease, or financing of any parcel of land for which a final or parcel map is required but has not been recorded.

How long after receiving tentative map approval does a developer have before a final map must be filed according to the subdivision map Act?

If the parcel or final map is approved and recorded, the development rights shall be vested for the following periods of time: 1. An initial time period of 24 months from the date of recordation of the parcel or final map.

Which type of legal description uses a survey map of a subdivision?

plat map
A plat map, or cadastral, delineates the lots in a subdivision and is recorded as a legal description. Lots are generally sold as one piece, and blocks have a group of lots that are adjacent, with the blocks separated by roads throughout the subdivision.

What is a final map?

A Final Map is the map that establishes the new legal lot lines, and recorded at the Los Angeles County Recorder’s (“Recorder’s”) office. A Final Map depicts dedications, owner’s statement, survey points and meets and bounds depiction of new lots and easements.

What is a subdivision map?

Subdivision Map An initial draft of how a large block might be. divided into smaller blocks.

How do I find the legal description of a property in California?

A copy of the legal description for your property can be found on the most recent recorded deed. If you do not have a copy of your deed, you can get a copy at the Sacramento County Clerk-Recorder’s Office.

What does Unplatted real estate mean?

Unplatted property refers to land that has not been platted or plotted. A plat is a map drawn to scale showing the divisions of a piece of land. It gives details of the land, its boundaries, lots, roads, and easements.