How good is a Suzuki Burgman?

The chassis is well up to the power, and handling is very good for a small-wheeled machine. The brakes feature a good ABS system, suspension has preloads adjustment on the rear, and there’s better ground clearance than on many smaller scooters. It’s the bodywork and equipment that clinches the usability deal though.

How fast does a 2007 Suzuki Burgman 400 go?

It flat out goes with 0-60 mph times under 7 seconds and a top speed approaching 120 mph. The Burgie 650 flat out gets it done. It might embarrass a Harley or two. On the flip side of this super performance is fuel economy.

Is Suzuki Burgman good for long drive?

And I felt very refreshing and it was not tiring at all. Before burgman I had Yamaha Alpha, and there’s positive and considerable amount of comfort while riding Burgman. Same here…i had a continuous travelling of 250+km..and it was very good. It was an awesome trip.

How many miles will a Burgman 650 last?

A couple of people on the board have reached the 60-75k miles. If anything,you will probably want something else before the Burgy wears out… A 2006 should be a safe bet even if it has very few miles on it… Just change the fluids with new and go ride…

Is the Burgman 650 reliable?

The Burgman 650 is the most reliable motorcycle I have owned. I’ve had some that were as good, but none better. I’ve owned quite a few Goldwings from 1975 through 2005. They were good, but not as good for all around riding as the Burgman 650.

How much does a Suzuki 650 Burgman cost?

Motorcycle Insurance:

Model Type Touring Scooter
BASE MSRP(US) $10,999.00
Dealers Suzuki Dealers
Warranty 12

Are Burgman 400 reliable?

2020 Suzuki Burgman 400 Claimed Specifications

Price: $8,299
Rear Tire: 150/70-13
Wheelbase: 62.2 in.
Fuel Capacity: 3.6 gal.
Wet Weight: 474 lb.

Is a Suzuki Burgman water cooled?

The liquid-cooled, 125cc fuel-injected engine of the Suzuki Burgman 125 is a city riders dream. Delivering constant performance in city traffic.

How fast does a Burgman scooter go?

90 mph
2019 Suzuki Burgman 400 specification

New price From £6,499
Power 30.6bhp (23kW) @ 6,300rpm
Torque 26.5 lb-ft (36Nm) @ 4,800rpm
Top speed 90 mph (est)
Transmission CVT, Belt Drive

Is Burgman 125 good for long ride?

Its very comfortable riding.. at 50 kmh i get mileage of 55+ kmpl at highway & at the speed of 65-70 i get 48-50 kmpl, my longest journey is indore to jabalpur 520 k.m. regular ride . I take….Suzuki Burgman Street Variants.

Variant Ex-Showroom Price
Burgman Street Bluetooth Rs. 88,600

How long do Suzuki motorcycles last?

The Suzuki GSX-R600 is a solid, well-built sportbike intended to last approximately 100,000 miles under normal conditions and may last longer depending on the rider, maintenance and other factors. Keep in mind, a long life with your GSX-R600 is best attained through proper maintenance and regular service.

How long do motor scooters last?

The average lifespan of a scooter was 28.8 days. The median lifespan was 26 days. The average vehicle went 163.2 miles over 92 trips during its lifetime.

What’s the price of a 2007 Suzuki Burgman?

Intro The MSRP for the 2007 Suzuki Burgman 650 is around $7800, the Burgman 650 Executive is around $8,800 and the 400 model is around $5,900. Many of the riders are in love with the 2007 Burgman 400 model for several different reasons.

What kind of storage does a Suzuki Burgman 400 have?

The 2007 Burgman 400 is a king when it comes to storage. The new 62L under-seat storage compartment is the largest in its class and can conveniently hold two full-face helmets. Under the handlebars are two small asymetrical compartments (non lockable), perfect for your cell phone, pocket change or keys.

What are the features of a Burgman 650 executive?

Get ready for the ride of your life – on the stylish Burgman 650 Executive, it has all the great features of the Burgman 650 with ABS, an electic adjustable windshield and a passenger backrest. With the largest engine in its class, the Burgman 650 rewards you with strong acceleration around town or on the highway.