How far does a wood stove need to be away from a wall?

36 inches
Wood frame walls covered with dry wall are considered combustible. If no wall protection is used, the common radiant-type stove or heater must be spaced out at least 36 inches from the wall.

How thick should wood stove metal be?

I recommend at least 3mm (1/8th) steel and no thicker than 6mm (1/4) unless you have industrial machinery.

What makes a wood stove certified?

“Certified” means that a wood-burning appliance meets EPA clean air standards. It generates less smoke (fewer particles) than a non-certified stove and uses less wood to create more heat. Only new stoves are certified. Certification takes place when the stove is manufactured.

How far should wood stove be from furniture?

Place your wood stove on a floor pad at least three feet away from walls, furniture, curtains, and other flammable material. Similarly, keep anything that can burn at least three feet away from the stove.

Does a wood stove pipe have to go straight up?

The pipe should be as straight and short as possible, with sections properly secured. The horizontal portion of the pipe should rise not less than one-quarter inch to the linear foot, to insure a good draft. You should not pass a stove pipe through a combustible wall for a hook-up with a chimney flue.

What do I put on the wall behind a wood stove?

Brick and stone are a common materials to use behind a wood stove, while many stoves can be purchased with optional heat shields to help reduce clearances.

What is the minimum clearance for a wood stove?

All stoves require a minimum 36-inch clearance to unprotected combustibles above and on all sides of the stove. A single wall stovepipe must have a clearance to combustible walls and ceilings, measured at right angles to the pipe of at least 18 inches. No clearance is needed to noncombustible walls (i.e., concrete).

What do you put on the wall behind a wood stove?

How can I tell if my wood stove is certified?

If you’re trying to determine if your current wood stove is EPA certified under EPA regulations, look for the permanent metal EPA certification label on the back of the stove, or you can check to see if your model is listed in the current database of EPA-certified wood heaters.

What type of wood burning stove is best?

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How thick does a hearth pad need to be for a wood stove?

Generally speaking, wood stoves require pads 48″ and larger to protect from falling embers. Pellet, gas, electric, corn, oil and propane stoves can be installed on smaller pads.

Do taller chimney draw better?

Taller Chimneys Produce Stronger Draft If draft problems are experienced with short systems, consider adding to the chimney height.