How does BYOB work Philadelphia?

The definition of a BYOB is simple: Dine out and bring your own alcohol. By bringing your own drink, a $50 meal becomes a $30 meal; and if you choose wisely, the alcohol you bring will be much more plentiful than the watered down vodka-cranberry a regular restaurant might serve.

Why are Philly restaurants BYOB?

BYOB History: The above restrictions created high demand — and high prices — for liquor licenses in Philadelphia and surrounding counties. One solution for small, independent restaurant owners, often chefs, has been to proceed without a license by going BYOB.

How does BYOB work at restaurants?

If you aren’t sure what it means, “BYOB” is short for “bring your own bottle” or “booze.” If a restaurant has a BYOB policy, the establishment allows guests to bring in their own alcohol. Guests can then bring their beer, liquor, or wine and pour their own alcoholic drinks.

How does BYOB work in PA?

An establishment is, therefore, free to allow or disallow patrons from bringing their own alcohol onto its premises. Possession of unlawfully acquired alcohol is a violation of the Liquor Code and licensees can be cited for any violation that occurs on the licensed premises.

Does BYOB mean hard liquor?

What Is BYOB? If a restaurant or party is BYOB (“bring your own bottle”), this means that guests are free to bring their alcoholic beverage of choice with differing limitations according to the restaurant or event.

Can you bring an open bottle of wine to a BYOB?

Casual BYOB restaurants will usually open the bottle and provide you with drinking glasses. They may pour the wine for you, or let you pour for yourself. When dining in a more formal setting with a wine program, the standard of service should be the same, whether you bring your wine or purchase it from the restaurant.

Is Charley dove cash only?

Charley Dove is also cash-only, so remember to bring some along with your drinks!

How do I know if a restaurant is BYOB?

The easiest way to find out is to call the restaurant and ask or check their website. If the restaurant supports BYOB, then the only thing you need to decide is which wine(s) to bring. Be aware, however, that it is disrespectful to bring a bottle that the restaurant also sells.

Is BYOB tacky?

“As a general rule of modern-day etiquette, it’s never appropriate to ask guests to BYOB,” says etiquette expert Mindy Lockard of The Gracious Girl. Don’t consider BYOB to be the a way to entertain… If you can’t afford to offer at least some food and wine, perhaps you should think again about hosting that house party.

Is BYOB illegal?

BYOB restaurants are typically those that do not have a license to sell alcohol, so the establishment permits guests to bring their own drinks.

What does the acronym BYOB stand for?

bring your own bottle
bring your own bottle, as of liquor or wine: often included in an invitation to indicate that the host will not provide liquor.

Is BYOB rude?