How do you trim in CLLE?

No standard function TRIM is available in CLLE. However, If you want to glue two variables, then look at *TCAT (or |<). This command removes the blanks in between (e.g. ‘xyz ‘ *TCAT ‘uvw’ becomes ‘xyzuvw’

How do you remove leading zeros in AS400?


  1. Always trim trailing zeros from the decimal places: ‘123.4500’ -> ‘123.45’
  2. Trim the decimal point if the decimal places are all zero: ‘123.0000’ -> ‘123’
  3. Trim leading zeros, but don’t trim the final zero before the decimal point: ‘000.1234’ -> ‘0.1234’

What is Rpgle programming?

RPG is a high-level, fully procedural programming language used by businesses to create commercial business applications on IBM’s leading minicomputer system, the AS400 or iSeries.

How do you remove spaces from a string in Rpgle?

%TRIM function is used to trim blank spaces from both sides of a string. It can also be used to trim characters other than blanks. We can mention those characters to be trimmed in parameter 2.

How do you trim leading zeros in SQL?

Trim Leading Zeros Function

  1. Replace each 0 with a space – REPLACE([CustomerKey], ‘0’, ‘ ‘)
  2. Use the LTRIM string function to trim leading spaces – LTRIM()
  3. Lastly, replace all spaces back to 0 – REPLACE(, ‘ ‘, ‘0’)

What is Editc?

%EDITC Function is used to format numeric values with special characters like Asterisk(*) or Period(.) or Comma(,) or Cent sign(¢) or Pound sign(£) or Dollar sign($) or minus sign(-) or Credit sign(CR) etc. It can also be used to supress zeros or format number with slash(/) to result in date format.

What is difference between RPG and Rpgle?

The terms RPG ILE and RPG IV are often used interchangeably, and in truth, they are the same product. However, there is a difference between RPG IV and RPG ILE. The way I like to explain this is that RPG IV is simply the next version of RPG. Therefore, RPG IV is ILE compliant.

Is RPG programming dead?

RPG & COBOL programmers have been on a steady decline for the past decade. Indeed, gathered data from their most in-demand coding languages, showing RPG and COBOL almost non-existent due to young talent heading to other languages. By 2020, 33% of the current RPG & COBOL programmers will retire.

How do you trim a space in SQL?

SQL Server TRIM() Function The TRIM() function removes the space character OR other specified characters from the start or end of a string. By default, the TRIM() function removes leading and trailing spaces from a string. Note: Also look at the LTRIM() and RTRIM() functions.

How do you trim leading zero in Teradata?

In Teradata, the equivalent is TRIM function.

  1. Trim from leading zeros. The following code snippets remove leading zeros from the string literal.
  2. Trim from trailing zeros.
  3. Trim both leading and trailing zeros.
  4. Trim a column in a view or table.
  5. Trim other characters.

How do you convert character to decimal in Rpgle?

There are so many ways to convert character to numeric data. You can use various built-in funtion provided by the system for Version V5R2 and above releases. You can pass character strings to the %DEC, %DECH, %INT, %INTH, %UNS, %UNSH, and %FLOAT built-in functions.

What language is AS400?

What is it? Report Program Generator (RPG) is the programming language traditionally associated with IBM’s best-selling mid-range system, the AS/400. Over the past year, IBM has been bringing AS/400 into line with its other servers.

What did I do when I wrote rpg400?

In the distant past when I wrote RPG400 I would use a DO loop searching one character at a time from the end of the string until I found the last non blank character in the string. With that result in hand I would move the string to a result string utilizing SUBST.

What are the operation codes in RPG / 400?

The elementary needs of joining strings, extracting parts of strings, changing case of letters within strings and scanning and clearing strings are now operation codes in RPG. The introduction of these new operations in Version 1 of OS/400 met with criticism because of some basic oversights.

Is there an ILE RPG for as / 400 programmer’s guide?

ILE RPG for AS/400 Programmer’s Guide AS/400eÉ´Ô ILE RPG for AS/400 Programmer’s Guide Version 4 SC09-2507-02 AS/400eÉ´Ô ILE RPG for AS/400 Programmer’s Guide Version 4 SC09-2507-02 Note! Before using this information and the product it supports, be sure to read the general information under “Notices” on page xi. Third Edition (May 1999)

How is substring used in RPG and Cl?

Substring: Another fundamental operation, supported in both CL and RPG, is the substring operation. Substring is used to extract part of a string. You specify the starting position for the extraction, the number of characters to extract and the variable where the extracted characters are placed.