How do you look after an Acer palmatum Shaina?

Garden care: Add a top-dressing of a well-balanced fertiliser around the base of a newly planted tree in late spring and keep well watered. No routine pruning is required, just remove any dead, damaged or crossing branches in late autumn or winter when they are fully dormant.

How big does a Shaina Japanese maple get?

6 to 8 ft. tall
Acer palmatum ‘Shaina’

Botanical Pronunciation AY-ser pal-MA-tum
Average Size at Maturity Slowly reaches 6 to 8 ft. tall, 8 to 10 ft. wide.
Bloom Time Inconspicuous; prized for foliage.

Does Acer palmatum like full sun?

Acer palmatum ‘Katsura’ Prefers partial shade, but can tolerate full sun, as long as the plant is shaded for a small part of the day.

How big does a Acer palmatum grow?

10-25 ft. tall
Acer palmatum varieties feature a rounded to broad-rounded habit, with a layered branching structure, and typically grow up to 10-25 ft. tall and wide (3-8 m).

What is the smallest Japanese maple tree?

It’s the smallest Japanese Maple… ever. Baby Lace only gets about 3′ tall and 4′ wide. It has lacy green leaves that emerge reddish-orange in the spring and turn orange and red in the fall.

How do you plant an Acer Shaina?

Planting Advice For Acer palmatum ‘Shaina’ Remove all weeds and grass within a metre of the planting site, then dig a square hole as deep as the root mass and approximately twice as wide. We recommend sprinkling root grow in the hole to help Japanese Maples establish more effectively, especially if the soil is poor.

Does an Acer need ericaceous soil?

Acers need well-draining (but not dry) soil, with plenty of light and, most importantly, a great nutritional profile to help growth and foster those stunning scarlet leaves. As such, most gardeners choose ericaceous compost for acers, and many opt to use a specialist topsoil too.

Do acers like lots of water?

Acers have shallow fibrous root systems which benefit from an annual mulch of organic matter. Loam based compost such as John Innes No 2 is best together with a bark mulch to help avoid water loss. Watering twice a day in hot periods is essential.

Is Acer palmatum a tree or shrub?

Acer palmatum ‘Wilson’s Pink Dwarf’ An upright, rounded, deciduous shrub with deeply lobed and serrated palmate leaves that unfurl pink or pink-red in spring, turn bright green by summer and bright red or orange in autumn. Grow as a specimen with low under-planting or in a patio pot.

When should I prune my Acer palmatum?

Acer palmatum is best pruned when fully dormant (November to January), as maples bleed sap from pruning cuts at other times, weakening the tree. However, pruning is still best kept to a minimum as the most graceful shape comes from a tree that has been allowed to develop fairly naturally.

What kind of pollinator is Acer palmatum Shaina?

Acer palmatum ‘Shaina’ (P) Japanese maple ‘Shaina’. RHS Plants for Pollinators plants. This plant will provide nectar and pollen for bees and the many other types of pollinating insects.

What kind of leaves do Acer palmatums have?

Japanese Maple ‘Shaina’ Acer palmatum ‘Shaina’ is a compact deciduous shrub or small tree with a pretty foliage of five pointed, narrow lobed, bright red leaves in spring, deepening to dark maroon-red in summer, and brightening again to brilliant crimson-red in fall.

When to fertilize Acer palmatum Beni Maiko?

Perfect as specimen plant in cottage gardens, city gardens or for rock gardens and containers. Low maintenance, this plant needs little pruning. If pruning is necessary, prune during the dormant season and avoid pruning in spring when the sap is running. Fertilize in spring before the leaves emerge.

What kind of tree does Acer rubrum have?

Genus Acer can be deciduous trees or large shrubs with paired, often palmately-lobed leaves and small flowers followed by characteristic winged fruits. Many have fine autumn colour, and some have ornamental stems