How do you get free money on Nintendogs?

Money can be earned two ways on Nintendogs: contests and selling items. Dogs can be trained and participate in three different types of contests: Obedience Trials, Agility Trials, and Disc Competitions.

Can you cheat in Nintendogs?

Once you accumulate the proper amount of Owner Points, new dogs will be added to the Kennel for you to buy and take care of….Unlockable Dogs (US Version)

Unlockable Unlockable
30,000 Shiba Inu (dog)
22,000 trainer points Shih Tzu (dog)
Collect 4000 Owner Points Siberian Husky
Collect 8000 Owner Points Toy Poodle

Can you use cheats on Nintendo DS?

Players can play their favorite games from any location on the Nintendo DS. Enter the cheat code using the buttons on the Nintendo DS. The code may call for you to use the system’s D-pad, directional arrows or letter buttons to activate the code. Start the game after entering the cheat code.

How do you unlock stuff on Nintendogs?

It’s possible to unlock new breeds by linking your DS to another DS system with a different version of Nintendogs. The breed unlocked corresponds with your partner’s current pet, and it must be a breed that you do not have in order for it to be unlocked.

How do you get a piggy bank on Nintendogs?

The Piggy Bank is an item in Nintendogs and Nintendogs + Cats that can be found on walks. Just like the Vase, it will break if thrown, dropping your Trainer Points total. It contains $2 – $300. Surprisingly, it is only worth $2 ($5 in the 3DS version) if offered for sale in the Secondhand Shop.

How do you get cats on Nintendogs Cats 3DS?

How To Obtain a Cat Present

  1. Leave your 3DS open, on, and alone for 30 to 45 minutes.
  2. After 40 minutes or so, tap your kitten’s icon on the bottom option screen.
  3. Your kitten will come running in through the back door or entrance with a present in its mouth.

How do I teach my Nintendogs to beg?

A Begging Nintendog will rest on its haunches; Stand raises the dog completely off the ground. Slide your dog’s head up on the touch screen and it will do a begging motion.

Can you unlock more dogs on Nintendogs?

By being a good owner and/or meeting up with friends’ Nintendogs in Bark Mode, you can unlock more breeds, up to a total of 20 different dogs! Includes Dalmatian (hard to unlock in previous versions), Boxer, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Yorkshire Terrier, Beagle.

How do I use AR codes on my DS?

Plug one end of your your USB cord into your computer and the other end into the top of your Action Replay game cartridge. Find the code you are looking for and open up the “Notepad” program on your computer. Copy and paste the code onto the “Notepad” program. Choose the file-name you want to save this code under.

How do you get rare items on Nintendogs?


  1. Take your dog for a walk.
  2. Follow the question marks.
  3. Try to go to both of the discount shops.
  4. Keep doing this and hopefully you will get such items as the bark ball, bubble blower, jerky treats, and much more.
  5. Use an action replay.
  6. Treat your dog with care.
  7. Go to contests to raise your trainer points.

What do you do with the piggy bank on Nintendogs?

The piggy bank can be dropped directly in front of the player and can still yield $50. This shows that the money dropped is random, and higher amounts can be dropped by saving, pressing the home button, and then restarting the game.

How many cheats are there for Nintendogs on DS?

This page contains Nintendogs cheats list for Nintendo DS version. Now we have 116 cheats in our list, which includes 12 cheats codes, 20 unlockables, 11 easter eggs, 5 glitches, 68 secrets. We hope information that you’ll find at this page help you in playing Nintendogs on Nintendo DS platform.

Are there any Nintendogs savegames for Nintendo DS?

Welcome to our collection of free Nintendogs wallpapers. Choose the resolution for your computer, then right-click on the image and choose “set as background”. We currently don’t have any Nintendogs savegames for Nintendo DS. Please check back at a later date for more game saves to be added.

How to get free trainer points in Nintendogs?

1. Nintendogs Cheats, Cheat Codes & Hints To gain free trainer points and money, hold the rubber brush on your dog and you will gain 1 dollar and a trainer point each minute. When you are walking your dog, you will want to know if there are any presents on the walk that are not marked.

How do you delete a dog on a Nintendo DS?

If you want to delete your dog and start over, here is what you do: Click on the ds game startup button that says nintendogs when you turn your ds on. When the Nintendo screen comes up after you click on nintendogs, hold down the X, Y, A, B, L, and R button at the same time until a pop-up comes up confirming that you want to delete your dog.