How do you check if an object is null or not in C#?

There are 3 different ways to do a null check:

  1. Object.ReferenceEquals(obj, null) ReferenceEquals returns true when the object instances are the same instance.
  2. object.Equals(obj, null) Equals is similar to ReferenceEquals when one argument is null .
  3. obj == null.

How do you check if an object is null?

To check if it is null, we call the isNull() method and pass the object getUserObject as a parameter. It returns true as the passed object is null.

How do you handle a null object in C#?

In C#, NULL values are treated in a special manner which is already defined in the language. C# data types are divided into two categories – first is Value Type, and the other is Reference Type….Use of NULL Values in C#

  1. Static void Main(String[] args)
  2. {
  3. int x-null;
  4. string p=null;
  5. }

IS NOT null check in C#?

Null/Not Null Mechanisms Table

Check For Code Checks For Null
Is Not Null if(variable is { }) return false
Is Not Null if(variable is object) return false
Is Null if(variable == null) return true
Is Not Null if(variable != null) return false

How do I know if my POJO is empty?

The isEmpty() method of Properties class is used to check if this Properties object is empty or not.

  1. Syntax:
  2. Parameters: This method accepts no parameters.
  3. Returns: This method returns a boolean value stating if this Properties object is empty or not.
  4. Program 2:

How do you check if an integer is null or empty in C#?

To check if a nullable type has a value use HasValue , or check directly against null : if(Age. HasValue) { // Yay, it does! } if(Age == null) { // It is null 🙁 }

How do you insert a null check?


  1. Place your cursor on any parameter within the method.
  2. Press Ctrl+. to trigger the Quick Actions and Refactorings menu.
  3. Select the option to Add null checks for all parameters.

WHAT IS null value in C#?

null (C# Reference) The null keyword is a literal that represents a null reference, one that does not refer to any object. null is the default value of reference-type variables. Ordinary value types cannot be null, except for nullable value types.

How do you handle null?

10 Tips to Handle Null Effectively

  1. Don’t Overcomplicate Things.
  2. Use Objects Methods as Stream Predicates.
  3. Never Pass Null as an Argument.
  4. Validate Public API Arguments.
  5. Leverage Optional.
  6. Return Empty Collections Instead of Null.
  7. Optional Ain’t for Fields.
  8. Use Exceptions Over Nulls.

IS null condition in C#?

In C#, IsNullOrEmpty() is a string method. It is used to check whether the specified string is null or an Empty string. A string will be null if it has not been assigned a value. A string will be empty if it is assigned “” or String.

What is null in C#?

How do I check if a string is null?


  1. Get the String to be checked in str.
  2. We can simply compare the string with Null using == relational operator. Syntax: if(str == null)
  3. Print true if the above condition is true. Else print false.