How do I setup my Avaya IP 500 V2?

Initial Configuration using Manager

  1. Network Connection. Use IP Office Manager to connection to the new system.
  2. Initial Configuration.
  3. Set the System Locale.
  4. Select Key System or PBX System Mode.
  5. Change the IP Address/DHCP Settings.
  6. Set the Extension Numbering.
  7. DS16B/30B Port Mode Selection.
  8. Uploading the License File.

How do I set up voicemail on my Avaya IP Office?

Avaya Voice Mail Set-up Instructions

  1. Dial extension 1022.
  2. Enter the temporary password (7422) then press #
  3. Choose a new password then press #
  4. To save the password press #
  5. Follow the prompts to record your name and greeting.

How do I access Avaya IP Office Manager?

To login to a system using IP Office Web Manager:

  1. Enter the IP address of the IP Office system. From the menu that appears, click on IP Office Web Manager.
  2. The login menu for IP Office Web Manager appears.
  3. Enter the name and password for system administration.
  4. Click Login.

How do I access Avaya IP Office 500?

At the top left hand corner of the IP Office application, click on the box and press Ok. This will open the Configuration Service User Log in box where the log in credentials can be entered. Enter the Administrative Server user name and password and click Ok to access the system’s configuration.

How do I access my voicemail on Avaya IP Office?

To access your mailbox, dial *17 from your own extension.

  1. Some Avaya telephones have a dedicated voicemail key which can also be used to access your mailbox.
  2. If your Avaya telephone has DSS keys, your System Administrator can program on of those keys to access your mailbox.

What is my Avaya mailbox number?

Press your voicemail button (round envelope button) or dial the voicemail extension 328-3300 and listen for the voice prompt. Since you are dialing from your avaya desk phone, the system will recognize your mailbox number so you will be prompted for your password only.