How do I reset my Motorola XT910?

Restore with hard reset or Recovery mode Motorola RAZR XT910

  1. 1- First turn off your Motorola RAZR XT910 completely.
  2. 2- Keep holding on volume down and power keys together for a few seconds.
  3. 3- When the Motorola logo is displayed, release the buttons.

What is Motorola hard reset?

To perform a master reset, follow these steps:

  1. Back up all data on the internal memory.
  2. With the phone powered off, press and hold the Volume down key and Power key for 2-3 seconds until the the Boot options screen appears.
  3. Release the keys.
  4. Use the Volume down key to scroll to highlight Recovery.

How do you hard reset a Motorola RAZR?

Press the Volume Up button once then release the Power button. From the Android system recovery screen, select Wipe data/factory reset then select Factory data reset to continue with the reset. Allow several seconds for the factory data reset to complete.

What do you mean by wipe data?

Since Wipe data/factory reset deletes all applications, app data, and information (documents, videos, images, music, etc) stored in the internal space, it is required for you to perform a data backup operation before you reset the Android device to factory settings.

How do you do a soft reset on a Motorola?

It does not cause loss of personal data on the device. To do a soft reset, press and hold the Power and Volume up keys for 15-20 seconds to force the device to restart.

Why does Recovery Mode say no command?

Android “no command” error usually shows up when you try to access the recovery mode or while installing a new software update. In most cases, your phone is just waiting for a command to access recovery options.

How do I reset my old Motorola flip phone?

  1. Power on your Motorola phone and click the “Menu” button.
  2. Click on “Settings.”
  3. Click on “Security.”
  4. Type in your four-digit passcode. The default code is either 1234, the last four digits of your phone number, or 0000.
  5. Click on “Restore Phone” and hit “Yes” when it asks if you want to permanently erase all data. Tip.