How do I register my SurfMax smart 250?

  1. Via SMS:You can subscribe by texting the corresponding syntax/keyword/ and send to 9999 (Example: SurfMax50 to 9999)
  2. Via USSD: Just dial *121# and choose SurfMax.

What is smart Giga Surf 299?

Giga Surf 299. 2GB of data for all apps & sites 1/GB day for YouTube, iflix, iWant TV, NBA League Pass, Cignal TV.

Is Smart Mega 250 still available?

“Mega Combo 250 is no longer available effective May 11.” What a bummer! Especially for those of us who availed of the Freedom Plan. When the Freedom Plan was phased out, Smart also offered a SIM-only Plan P250 that also basically offered the same thing as Mega250.

Is there UNLI data in smart prepaid?

You can subscribe or register to Smart Unli Data 99 and Unli Data 299 promos only through the GigaLife app. Follow these steps to register to Smart Unli Data 299 and Unli Data 99. Make sure that you have enough prepaid load balance to subscribe to the promo. Open the GigaLife app and login to your account.

Which is better SurfMax or Giga surf?

GigaSurf has slightly larger data allocation and the same call-and-text packs as AllOutSurf but doesn’t offer Unli-FB. SurfMax promos, which are slightly more pricey than AllOutSurf and GigaSurf – have the largest data allocation of the bunch; In fact, they don’t have any specific data cap.

Is SurfMax plus unlimited?

Smart SurfMax Promo is the recommended promo for you if you are a heavy mobile internet user. With the Smart SurfMax Promo, you can enjoy seamless mobile internet connection with a data cap at 800MB. Before, there’s no data capping which means you’ll have unlimited access to the internet.

Is Giga Surf Unlimited?

For a complete package, subscribers can opt for Giga Video+ Allnet offers to get unlimited calls and texts to all networks together with their open access data and up to 1GB or one hour of Video Every Day for the duration of the promo.

What is surf Max Plus 299?

List of Smart SurfMax Promos – 800MB Internet Data Per Day

Promo Name How to Register Validity
Surf Max 299 Text SURFMAX299 to 9999 7 Days
Surf Max 999 Text SURFMAX999 to 9999 30 Days
Surf Max Plus 50 Text SURFMAXPLUS50 to 9999 1 Day
Surf Max Plus 299 Text SURFMAXPLUS299 to 9999 7 Days

What is mega all in 250 smart?

Subscribers will have 180 minutes of unlimited calls to other smart users and also to its sister networks Sun and TNT. …

Is Gomo really unlimited data?

GOMO also regularly does flash deals. Its ongoing 3.3 promotion offers UNLIMITED DATA for users, again simplifying their connectivity experience, so they have the freedom to access the internet without any restrictions.

Is Supersurf really unlimited?

SuperSurf is a budget-friendly promo, which gives prepaid and postpaid subscribers the chance to acquire unlimited internet access….SuperSurf.

Keyword (send to 8080) Amount Description
SUPERSURF200 PHP 200 5 days of unlimited surfing with a bandwidth of 800MB/day

What can I do with my smart surfmax?

Using Smart SurfMax, subscribers can enjoy surfing all day and perform the following online activities using their device: Social Media Posting with or without photos, comments, update in status, like, etc (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc). After I register, how will I know if my SurfMax Package subscription is already active?

Is the Smart Mega all in 250 a prepaid plan?

Check out the latest offering from the country’s biggest network the Smart Prepaid Mega All-IN 250 Promo. This irresistible offering from Smart allows each subscriber to experience unlimited texting to other networks such as Sun Cellular, Globe, Talk N Text, and Touch Mobile.

Who can register to smart surfmax auto renewal?

Smart SurfMax is the newest internet offer that allows you to surf all day. Who can register to Smart SurfMax? Available to all Smart Postpaid subscribers. What are the available Smart SurfMax packages? To enroll to SurfMax auto renewal, text GoSurfMax995 to 9999 (must have an existing SurfMax 995 subscription).

When do I get free text alerts from surfmax?

Once this is consumed, all day surfing services will still be active but connection quality may vary until 12 midnight. To help subscribers better manage their daily usage, this service will send them free text alerts once daily usage reaches 900MB (90%) and 1GB (100%).