How do I know my flat cap size?

If you do not already know your head measurement, take a soft tape measure, and place it around your head, 2cm above the ears and across the middle of the forehead. The number you get (whether it be in cm or inches) will be the size of the flat cap you require.

What sizes do caps come in?

Hat sizing comes in three general sizes.

  • The most commonly used sizing you will see here are SM, MD, LG, XL and occasionally 2 & 3X sizes.
  • The second most common sizing that we have on our site is that of half-sizes.
  • The more traditional sizing is that of the exact size in inches and/or in centimeters.

What is the most common New Era hat size?

The most common male size is 7-⅜ and the average hat size for females is 7-¼.

Do new era hats run big?

59FIFTY LOW PROFILE FITTED HATS RUN A SIZE BIG because they are slightly pre-curved. Make sure to go one size smaller if you normally wear the regular New Era 59Fifty fitted. SIZING INCONSISTENT? This means that you may occasionally get a slight variation in sizing even between the same size hat in the same style.

Do flat caps suit everyone?

If you are a lover of classic style, then a flat cap will suit your wardrobe no matter your age or occupation. Sized properly, they flatter nearly all face shapes and they can be styled to suit casual, informal and formal attire.

How snug should a flat cap fit?

A flat cap should fit like a baseball cap – gently snug around the sweatband without being too tight. There should be extra room in the crown, so the fabric doesn’t have to stretch over your head.

What is a 7 3 4 hat size?

Hat size charts in inches and centimeters

Head circumference International size US size
23.6 in/ 60 cm XL 7 1/2
24 in/ 61 cm XL 7 5/8
24.4 in/ 62 cm XXL 7 3/4
24.8 in/ 63 cm XXL 8

What size hat is L XL?

Hat Sizing Chart *

Head Circumference Adult Hat Size
Inches Centimeters Easy Fit
22 3/4 57.8 Large (L)
23 1/8 58.7
23 1/2 59.7 XL

What caps do MLB players wear?

The 59Fifty is the official on-field cap of Major League Baseball and Minor League Baseball, as well as the official sideline cap of the NFL as of 2012 and the NBA as of 2017. The caps are also produced with various other sports and pop culture designs.

Do new era caps shrink?

New Era hats have a tendency to shrink even after a stretching, so you may have to do this every now and again. Wool and cotton shrink with heat and moisture, and your head will amply produce these elements while you wear your hat.

How should new era hats fit?

A well-fitting baseball cap should sit comfortably above your ears with the bill resting in the middle of your forehead. The crown of the baseball cap should top your head, leaving a little space between your head and the cap.

What are the new era hat sizes?

How To Measure Your Hat Size For A New Era Hat

Size Corresponding 59FIFTY Fitted Hat Size Circumference (cm)
Small – Medium 6 7/8 – 7 1/4 54.9 – 57.7
Medium – Large 7 1/4 – 7 5/8 57.7 – 60.6
Large – X Large 7 5/8 – 8 60.6 – 63.5
X Large – XX Large 8 – 8 1/4 63.5 – 65.4

What are New Era hats?

New Era hats have become a statement making accessory among urban populations and the hip hop community. This brand’s hat styles are made of materials such as wool, polyester or cotton, which are susceptible to changes in size and appearance if not properly cared for.

What is a new era baseball hat?

The New Era 59FIFTY fitted hat is the originator of the true fitted baseball cap. It is New Era’s flagship style and an icon in sport and street culture. It is worn on the field of play by athletes worldwide, including the MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA, and Minor League Baseball.

What is a new era hat?

New Era hats are used as a fashion statement by both men and women of different ages and nationalities. There are several different looks that you can create with a New Era cap. Put on the cap so that the visor is facing forward. Turn the visor a bit to the right or to the left so that it is facing slightly off-center.