How do I install Cydia on my iPhone?

Tap on “Cydia Download” button in the middle of the page. Cydia Cloud installer will take few seconds to analyze the compatibility of your iOS version to jailbreak. If the version is compatible, tap on “Install” button to continue. You will move to the Settings app on your device and tap “Install” button again.

Which is the free version of Cydia for iPhone?

So we recommend you to get Cydia Download iOS 12.1 – iOS 12.1.1 version on your iPhone / iPad / iPod touch device. Make sure to upgrade the device iOS version to iOS 12.1 – iOS 12.1.1 then visit us from the Safari browser and download Cydia iOS 12.1 – 12.1.1 completely free.

What can you do with Cydia App Store?

Cydia is a third party app store consist of many jailbreak apps, tweaks, themes, packages, settings and many more things. You can customize your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device with Cydia. If you Cydia download on your iOS device, there are no restrictions. You can do anything!

Is there a jailbreak for the Cydia installer?

You cannot download Cydia installer for iOS at any time you desire since it requires the correct jailbreak tool for your firmware. So for the moment, iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak is the latest thanks to LiberiOS by Jonathan Levin and Electra Jailbreak by CoolStar.

How do I add autotouch to my source?

Open Cydia app, tab Sources at the bottom. Press Edit, Add at the Sources view. Input to add that source, till it’s added. Click AutoTouch form the Source view, find AutoTouch and install it.

Do you need Cydia to install iOS 14?

Now supports to iOS 14. Add the beta repo or official repo to Cydia, then install there.

Can you download Cydia from a different store?

You cannot download Cydia from any store or a different source. In fact, it can only be downloaded with the complete iOS jailbreak on your device. So to have the complete Cydia on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you are not required doing anything more rather than just jailbreak.