How do I hard reset my BlackBerry 9320?

Highlight Emails, Contacts, etc., User Installed Applications or Media Card and press the Navigation key. When the box next to the menu item is ticked (V), the selected data will be deleted. Scroll to Wipe and press the Navigation key to restore the factory default settings.

How do you reset BlackBerry software?


  1. In the top right corner of the BlackBerry Desktop Software, click on the? in the top right hand corner of the BlackBerry Desktop Software.
  2. Click Support Resources.
  3. Then Support Tools.
  4. Click the Reset button under the heading Reset to Factory Settings.

How do I restore my BlackBerry Classic to factory settings?

Master reset from settings menu

  1. Back up data on the internal memory.
  2. From any Home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen.
  3. Tap Settings > Security and Privacy > Security wipe.
  4. You must decrypt you media card before the security wipe.
  5. Enter blackberry into the text field and tap Delete Data.

How do you reset a BlackBerry computer?

On the computer, click on Go > Applications > Utilities > Terminal. Type cd /Applications/BlackBerry\ Desktop\ Software. app/Contents/MacOS/ and press Enter. Type ./bbdm resettofactory and press Enter.

How do I restore my BlackBerry Curve 8520 to factory settings?

Find “Wipe Handheld”

  1. Press the Menu key.
  2. Scroll to Options and press the Navigation key.
  3. Scroll to Security Options and press the Navigation key.
  4. Scroll to General Settings and press the Navigation key.
  5. Press the Menu key.
  6. Scroll to Wipe Handheld and press the Navigation key.

How do I reset my BlackBerry Curve password?

Reset Password

  1. Enter your password to unlock the phone.
  2. Click “Options” on the home screen.
  3. Select “Security” and “Password.”
  4. Select “Change Password,” and then enter your new password.
  5. Press “Menu” and select “Save.”
  6. Power on your BlackBerry.
  7. Enter an incorrect password nine times.

What do I do if I have forgotten my BlackBerry password?


  1. Under Already have a BlackBerry ID?
  2. Enter your current username and the verification code shown in the CAPTCHA image and click Submit.
  3. If prompted to answer the password recovery question, enter your answer, and click OK to send the email.

How do I restore my BlackBerry to factory settings without password?

For devices running BlackBerry 10, such as the Z10 and the Q10, do so by swiping down from the top of the home screen and tap “Settings,” followed by “Security and Privacy” and “Security Wipe.” You will be prompted to enter the word “blackberry” into the text field to confirm the wipe, at which point you can tap ” …

How do you do a hard reset on a BlackBerry?

To perform a hard reset, complete the following steps. Remove the battery cover from the back of the BlackBerry smartphone Remove the battery, and then reinsert it after a few seconds Replace the battery cover. A soft reset is a three-key combination that resets the BlackBerry smartphone without removing the battery.

Can You Hard Reset a BlackBerry Torch 9850?

As mentioned earlier, if you are using a BlackBerry smartphone that does not contain a QWERTY keyboard such as the BlackBerry® Torch™ 9850 smartphone, you can only perform a hard reset as a soft reset isn’t possible. The Hard Reset method of resetting a BlackBerry smartphone applies to every BlackBerry smartphone.

How to do a hard reset on a BlackBerry Z10?

You can perform a hard reset on the BlackBerry Z10 by pressing and holding the Power button on the top of the phone for about 10 seconds. 2 Reinsert the battery after a few seconds. To be on the safe side, wait for up to 30 seconds and then reinsert the battery into the back of the phone.

What’s the difference between hard reset and soft reset on a BlackBerry?

There are two options when performing a reset: a hard reset or a soft reset. The difference between the two is that performing a hard reset involves removing the battery temporarily, whereas when performing a soft reset, a key combination is used to reset the BlackBerry smartphone.