How do I get a copy of a death certificate in Maryland?

Please mail the application, photocopies of required identification, entitlement documentation, fee (check or money order only, made payable to the Division of Vital Records), and a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the Division of Vital Records, P.O. Box 68760, Baltimore, MD 21215-0036.

Can anyone obtain a death certificate in Maryland?

You may obtain a Maryland Death Certificate if you are: A funeral director. An immediate relative of the deceased. A beneficiary of the deceased.

How long does it take to get a death certificate in MD?

The processing time for death certificates in Maryland depends on how you make your request. The fastest method is to order online with express shipping. This takes around 2 weeks. Otherwise, online and mail orders take between three and four weeks.

How do I find death records in Maryland?

Copies of death records may be available from the Maryland State Archives. Some records may also be available at your local FamilySearch Center. Use the FamilySearch Catalog to see what is available. Search the FamilySearch Catalog by Maryland and the county name.

How do I obtain a death certificate?

Required Documents:

  1. Application form for registration.
  2. Proof of birth of the deceased – Birth certificate/SSLC certificate.
  3. Copy of the ration card.
  4. Medical Certification of causes of Death, if required.
  5. Aadhaar card.
  6. ID card of the applicant.
  7. Residential Proof.
  8. Date and time of death.

Are death certificates public record?

Death certificates are not public records.

How much does it cost for a death certificate in Maryland?

Death. Cost of copy: $10.00 for the first copy, $12.00 for each additional copy ordered at the same time. Remarks: State office has records since 1969. For genealogical studies and older records, you must apply through the Maryland State Archives, 350 Rowe Blvd., Annapolis, MD 21401, (410) 260-6400.

WHO issues death certificates in Maryland?

Death Certificates are issued by the Maryland Vital Statistics Administration.

  • Step 2 – A medical professional is notified to prepare a death certificate for the deceased.
  • Step 3 – The Vital Statistics Administration will issue the certified Death Certificate.

How do I look up someone’s death?

How do I find my ancestor’s death record?

  1. Use the Finding US Death Records wiki page.
  2. Check online indexes and digital images.
  3. Check repositories, such as archives and libraries (FHL)
  4. Obtain certificate from the government agency ($$)

Who holds the original death certificate?

vital statistics office
Generally, your funeral home will request copies of Death Certificates for you. A certificate of death should be on file in the governing locality where the death occurred. Death records are kept permanently on file either in a State vital statistics office or a city / county office.

How do you find someone who passed away?

  1. Check Online Obituaries. The first way to see if someone has passed away is by searching for online obituary.
  2. Search Social Media.
  3. Use a Genealogy or Historical Site.
  4. Look for Government Records.
  5. Search Newspapers.
  6. Visit the Local Courthouse.
  7. Talk to Family Members.
  8. Go to an Archive Facility.

How do you get a copy of a death certificate?

To order copies of a death certificate, contact the county or state vital records office in the place where the death occurred. They will tell you exactly what you need to do. Locate a county vital records office.

Can notary certify vital records?

Notaries are often asked if they can certify copies ​of birth, death or marriage certificates. As a general rule the answer is no because these documents are vital records — public records that cannot be certified by a Notary Public.

What is the phone number to vital records?

For more information or questions about vital records, contact our Vital Records office at 601-206-8200, or visit the Vital Records Department home page for health statistics, vital records, reports and data. You can also contact the Vital Records office by sending e-mail to [email protected]

Where can I find free public death records?

Go directly to (, the official government site for all online services. Each state has its own official web page, and own office of public records. You’ll need to find the website for your particular state. Do a search in the search box at the top of for “Death Records” +…

What is the address for vital records in Maryland?

Maryland Vital Records Contact Phone Number is : +14107643036. and Address is 6550 Reisterstown Rd, Baltimore, MD 21215, United States. The Maryland Vital Records is the division of the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene located in Baltimore, Maryland, United States.